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your pot of gold

One of the business models that has really blown me away recently is the “gold buyer” business.  Is it really possible that every single pawn shop, jewelry store, and specialty gold shop (either in your local mall or in the mail) really have enough gold demand to pay out to consumers that are looking to unload gold jewelry?  It still kind of trips me out, when is THAT bubble going to burst?
I have a plan in my business that makes you bulletproof to bubble-busters, and it’s actually really simple.  I call it YOUR pot of goldIt’s your list.  The people who want to hear your stories, learn from you, and recommend your business to others.  You need to treat your list with the highest respect.
You also want to automate as much as possible so you can focus on your CORE GENIUS.  This is so important, I am fiercely passionate about supporting my fellow entrepreneurs in staying focused on the things that they’re good at, and on things that feed their genius.  More on those things later.

Today, let’s get you on the list bandwagon. (and you can check out our new studio, we LERV it!)


If you’re not on my list, how come?  You’re totally invited.  And we never, ever sell or share your info with anyone . That’s just icky.

What list responder do you use for your business?  If you don’t yet, have any questions for the community about what they use for their list responder?  share in the comments below.

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