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Why Your Brilliance Turns On For Everyone Else (But Not Yourself)

Why Your Brilliance Turns On For Everyone Else (But Not Yourself)

Do you ever feel like you’re ah-mazing at brand building activities when you’re working on someone else’s business… but not your own?

Something I hear often from my students is, “I’m so great at doing this for other people. Why can’t I do it for myself?”

The simple truth is you can’t do it for yourself because you’re too close to it.

Let me explain.

When you’re working on someone else’s brand, you’re looking at it from an outside perspective. This allows you to quickly identify the big picture strategy and immediate problems that need to be fixed. All of that changes when you’re working within your own business as you become attached to the short term results (that don’t always pan out) or you’re always looking at the big picture and the next thing without fully implementing what needs to happen first.

To understand the big picture strategy of your business, you need someone who is 5-20 steps ahead of you so they can tell you exactly what to do in your business.

That’s exactly why I created events like Crush Week and why I’m hosting a team of experts inside Seen Heard Paid Live.

My team of industry leaders and marketing experts come into everyday brands like yours to identify the exact next steps that need to happen in order to make visions become a reality.

As we’re working together in real time, the team and I give you the on demand feedback to provide clarity and courage like never before.

Friend, this is how you get results faster in your business.

So if you’re tired of helping everyone else’s projects find success while struggling to find the real results of your own, I hope you come to work with me real soon.

You can do this.

We can do this.


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