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If you’re starting at zero today, don’t worry: So does everybody. I did too.

If you’re starting at zero today, don’t worry: So does everybody. I did too.

When I started my business teaching entrepreneurs to get seen, heard, and paid to be themselves, I’d already been in the marketing and branding space for 20 years. But I had no following. No email list. No products or programs.

Sure, I was booking gigs as a consultants for big corporations, but when it came to leads for the kind of stuff I really wanted to do (which is working 1-1 with people like you), I had to start from scratch.

I got into this business because helping entrepreneurs have more influence and impact, and create income that creates a legacy opportunity for them and their families, is my passion.

So  every single day, I choose to be “in it”. I did the hard work to build my list, day by day. I grew my team. I perfected my offers and messaging. It took time, and it took sweat, but at the end of it all, it was beautifully worth it — and I won’t stop now.

While I love to take well-earned time away to travel and vacation (if you want to follow my journey, join me on Instagram!) when I get back to my office, I’m getting the big things done. I’m networking. I’m pursuing opportunities. I’m pitching myself. I’m showing up to do the work.

If you’re thinking “That’s awesome for you Jen, and you make it sound for easy — but it isn’t easy for me! Putting myself out there in public constantly scares me half to death.”, I hear you.

(Believe it or not, I’m a “secret introvert” myself. I’ll teach and serve from the stage, I’ll go to events, but at the end of the day, I need to retreat to my books and time alone.)

The good news is there’s a “system” for just that.

It all starts with brand clarity around your message, knowing who your brand is and who you serve. That, and being willing to show up, is what creates momentum.

Let me be clear. Nothing happens overnight. There is no such thing, and if anybody is telling you that any tool, any system, any strategy will get you there overnight (or in two weeks) they are lying to you. That’s a good quick draw-in for people who don’t want to do the work, and don’t want to make their business a daily act of consistency.

If you want to create a community, if you want to have more courage, if you want to have more confidence, if you want to have more clarity — then you have to give up the notion that it’s an “easy, quick path” to do so.

You can take shortcuts with the right strategy and support behind you, but at the crux of it all, you need to have clarity around your brand – -and be ready to do the things that get you momentum if you want to get where you truly desire to be.

That’s the way it’s always been — and the only way there ever was.

If you’re starting at zero today, don’t worry.001

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