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My 3 Step Process to Launching Like a Pro

My 3 Step Process to Launching Like a Pro

It all starts with clarity.

Before we dive in, I want you to know this is an in-depth read full of context and thought invoking questions.

If you don’t have at least 20 minutes to read this, make a calendar event to come back to it when you do have 20 minutes (your business will thank you).

Ready? Let’s go.

When you think of your brand, where do you feel a little flimsy?

  • Maybe it’s capturing your brand language?
  • Maybe it’s picking the most relevant brand stories?
    Maybe it’s identifying your target audience?
  • Or maybe it’s having the courage to put yourself out there?

I ask because when it comes to success for any formula, template, roadmap, or framework  brand clarity is always the cornerstone.

So before you get started on the steps below, make sure you’re clear on:

  1. What you’re creating
  2. Who it’s for
  3. Why it matters
  4. And how you plan to deliver it.

Now, the process I’m about to teach you is a simple framework called “Launch Laddering”.

In my world simplicity is always the goal, so I created a very simple 3-part framework to amplify how you’re showing up in the world.

Let’s walk through them one by one.

The L1 aka the lead magnet

A lead magnet is also known as a “free gift”, “freebie”, “pink spoon” or “opt in offer”. This is the very first thing you’ll offer to your peeps in order to grab their interest.

Here’s how to create one

Step 1: Figure out what people want

What is something simple that will provide huge value to your audience?

Some examples are:

  • A short ebook that solves a big problem your clients have
  • A Facebook group where they can get insights from you every day or every week, and get their questions answered
  • A free challenge, where your customers can create something within 3, 5, or 7 days
  • A worksheet that helps them to explore their problem
  • Or a checklist that gives them simple steps to create a mini fix

Whatever it is, give people a reason to invest their time and energy into your expertise.

Step 2: Run your L1 alot of times

No single L1 is a homerun – well it happens, but I would never tell you to bet on an outlier.

It’s just not practical.

Instead, focus on continuously tweaking, testing and experimenting with your L1 until you get results that you love. Try different angles, or headlines and maybe even audiences to find out what works.

If no one responds to your first L1, try another. Test, test, test, and don’t get discouraged. Give your L1’s time to work, but don’t spend that time being stagnant.

I always say that repetition is the mother of mastery and that’s exactly what consistently launching your L1 is.

Next up is the L2 aka the beta

A beta launch is simple way of saying test run the offer you want to sell.

This is where you get a number of ideal clients to try out your product or service at a discounted price.

Now, the L2 is the absolute best way to get feedback on whether your product or service works, and exactly what problems it solves for your clients, users, and customers (which may be different than what you originally thought).

That currency isn’t always money – although it can be.

Some things you can exchange for your beta is:

  • A lifetime discount
  • A guaranteed video testimonial
  • A case study submission

I would guess that 95% of entrepreneurs skip this launch and go straight to the L3 because that is what’s being marketing to them.

So let me be very clear – don’t skip the L2. This crucial step will give you solid data on the offer you want to sell.

Finally is the L3 aka the full offer

If you’ve ever clicked through through a Facebook or Instagram ad that led to a workshop or challenge that had someone pitch you an offer at the end then you’ve been on the receiving end of an L3.

The L3 is the launch that takes all of the data you put together from L1 and L2 to create the offer that’s going to get you paid.

An L3 is the launch, promotion, and sale of a paid product, sold with marketing messaging that’s been optimized and perfected, from a person who has (hopefully) tested the heck out of their ideas through L1 and L2 launches, and are ready to really monetize.

Sounds simple, right? However… there’s one HUGE mistake almost everyone makes.

And that mistake is: Jumping straight into an L3 launch.

You’ve probably purchased a program or course that told you to jump straight to the L3 but trust me when I say they’re setting you up for failure.

Does creating, marketing and testing L1’s and L2’s take time and energy? Yes it does.

But is it worth investing that time and energy to increase the success of your L3, boost your entrepreneurial courage and give you the foundation to test your business model.

I really hope you’re nodding your head yes.

If people don’t know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them (via an L1), and you don’t have clear proof of concepts and success (with an L2), it’s going to take you much, much longer to gain traction with whatever project you’re working on, no matter how amazing.

Take the time to sow the seed so when it’s time to collect, it’s a good harvest.

Now, that about ties up my Launch Ladder framework.

So what’s your next step?

Is it time to stand up your first L1?

Test your L2?

Or go all in with your L3?

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