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I do read everything I get.  And I love getting your notes.  Send them!
I do guest posts and speaking for brands that have synergy with mine, so feel free to reach out.

Snail Mail is Sexy

I still get a thrill when I see something come through the actual post. I love stamps, calligraphy and pretty (and sassy…and funny) notes. And my monthly In Style Magazine and Harvard Business Review subscriptions.

Our business address is:
1050 Bishop Street, Suite 421
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Socially Speaking

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I’d love to meet you on Twitter.  If you’re feeling the vibe, follow me please.  Send me some info on who you be (I like to get to know people like you) and I’d be happy to follow you back.

The Digits

I’m going to be real here…the last time I really enjoyed talking on the phone was when people still saw value in having a landline. That was some time ago. (for those of you reading this born post-1980, google “landline”…some cool retro pics will pop up).

And, this might shock you, but I’m really an introvert posing pretty spectacularly as an extrovert (we marketing folks are pretty good at that).  So email me first and then we can exchange digits.

P.S.  Taking is giving here.

If you dig the info on this site – you are welcome to post it on your site/blog, in your next book, in your magazine credits … as long as you make a kind mention of where you referenced it from.

For language to use, here you go:

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