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I’m A Marketing Skeptic. Are You?

I’m A Marketing Skeptic. Are You?

I’ll come right out and say it: There are a LOT of myths and lies making the rounds in this marketing world of ours.

Lies around how you should show up. Around what you should say, when, and to who. Around “top secret” strategies and tech and processes that simply don’t work anymore.

So… why are all these lies and myths being beamed out from every corner of the interwebs?

Because frankly, the industry’s changing and changing fast… faster than most people can keep up.

It’s not just algorithms shifting, either. We live in an over-consuming society that’s so inundated with marketing materials, people have tuned out. We’ve drank so much Kool-Aid we’re over caffeinated, and in a sugar coma.

This is particularly tricky for marketers, because it means as soon as a strategy works, and fellow marketers catch on, that strategy stops working just as fast.

However, don’t worry my friends. Because this isn’t the end. Instead — it’s a rise.

More specifically: The rise of the skeptic.

Skeptical business owners keep growing when everyone else struggles, because no matter what happens in their industry, or the entrepreneurial world, or the marketing sphere, they don’t buy in right away. They weigh their options instead of the latest trends. They stand in who they are and test ideas. They find their own road through the woods.

And even more interestingly: Skeptics usually make the best leaders, because they don’t take anything at face value — and we need those leaders now more than ever.

It’s not enough just to be a brand anymore. You need to be a leader and an ally, a person who really means it when they say that they’re here to make a difference, and at the same time is unapologetic about getting paid to do so.

Why? Because nowadays, people can Google anything. They can check out if you’re legitimate. They can check out who else is in the market selling what you sell. This is why, of course, marketing based on who you are, what you value, and the legacy you want to create is so important — even if your industry noise level is through the roof.

Figuring out what makes you different from everyone else doing exactly what you do is what makes you stand out in a crowded space. . (This is also why lead magnets are so important if you want to differentiate yourself.)

So instead of looking for the next “quick fix”, nurture the skeptic within yourself. Focus on what YOU know, and believe. Go all in. Forget the strategies, the “best practices”, the marketing jargon for a minute.

What do you really stand for?

What do you value?

What kind of change do you want to create in the world?

That’s your differentiator. That’s your difference. And that’s something a plug and play script can never offer you… you have to dig it out for yourself.

Long live the skeptics.

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