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My 3-Part Framework to 10x-ing Your Audience

My 3-Part Framework to 10x-ing Your Audience

My 3-Part Framework to 10xing Your Audience

Whenever I talk about lead generation (a.k.a. strategies for attracting traffic, and magnetizing thousands of perfect potential clients and customers to your community), I talk about one very special acronym:


These letters stand for the 3 steps of lead generation that can bring thousands of new fans, reader, and followers into your world, and turn them into buyers — creating brand leverage no one can compete with:

Those 3 letters are:

Organic, Paid, and Partner traffic.

However, before you get into that, I want to be clear what I mean when I say “lead generation”.

I don’t mean just popping a “SUBSCRIBE NOW!” button on your website and just crossing your fingers hoping people sign up.

I mean really making this approach to magnetizing new leads a strategy by deliberately creating a free offer (known as a lead magnet or free gift, which I call an ‘L1’) that’s so attractive, it makes signing up for your mailing lista no-brainer.

A few examples of L1’s include:

  1. Weekly newsletters with your industry insights and updates
  2. An eBook
  3. A video series
  4. A 5-day challenge
  5. Access to your podcast
  6. etc.

I’ll get into the last two P’s in another post, but today, I want to talk to you about that first little letter: O.

Yep, that means today we’re digging into the most elusive, powerful, and cheapest approach to lead generation: Targeting organic traffic.

Now, the first question you might ask is:

“Jen, how do I drive people to my site organically and get them to opt in?”

I’m so glad you ask, and there are so many ways to do this.

Here are a few you can work on right now:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Writing guest posts for other people’s blogs
  • Doing social media posts
  • Having an email newsletter
  • Contributing in other people’s tribes like their Facebook groups
  • Being on or creating a podcast
  • Doing videos
  • Doing live streams
  • Hosting your own small workshops or events.

Each of these actions serves to drive new subscribers and eyeballs to your website, and your lead magnet.

Now before you run off to implement these ideas, you should know: There are pros and cons to organic traffic.

First, the pros:

Organic traffic strategies are is usually pretty free, or low fee, to create. You can start them any time, you can do them any time, and they build brand credibility and trust.

That’s the awesome part.

But the cons are a little more complicated:

The downside of organic traffic is that it can take a long time to get you seen and heard.

Now let me be clear, organic traffic is necessary. You need it to build your business.

However, organic traffic is NOT the end all be all, and you don’t have to complete every suggestion listed above in order to be successful with it. Just focus on the stuff that fits with your brand personality, and where your audience is.

So for example if you love Instagram, and you post on Instagram all the time. However, Instagram is very visual and creative-focused, and your audience are professionals who work as managers in corporations.

Chances are, those folks aren’t going to be on Instagram. So although it’s a great organic platform and traffic-driver that you love, there’s a mismatch between your brand personality and the audience — and remember the two of them have to go together.

So before you start an organic leadgen strategy, think:

  1. Where are my target customers hanging out?
  2. What and how can I post most frequently (and easily) to get those people to notice me?
  3. What kind of value do you want to offer your people?

Organic traffic is critical because it’s a massive trust-builder. Customers want to see you being consistent and persistent.

However: Be aware!

Some people get stuck in a cycle of only doing organic because they make excuses NOT to do the other two important strategies for driving traffic to your business — which we’ll get to in the next post.

But for now I’d love to know: How do you drive organic traffic to your site currently?

Do you have a favorite strategy? Anything that feels REALLy on brand for you? Or are you still trying to find something that sticks?

Drop your insights below in the comments – I’d love to learn more. Let’s start the conversation!



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