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The Hard Truth About Sales And Ego

The Hard Truth About Sales And Ego


Yep, once upon a time, my hand would’ve been up too.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

See, most people who set out to change lives with their businesses, or serve the planet, don’t enjoy the process of selling. It feels gross, pushy, and just not “like us”. At least not at first.

(And frankly, that’s a good sign. It proves you’re in business for reasons beyond cold, hard cash.)

However, no matter how much you hate selling, or how icky it makes you feel… you don’t really have a choice. As business owners, we do the things that we need to do to get our message out there, make it matter, and monetize it — and in the case of every business on earth, that means making sales.

So… how did I get over my distaste for sales? And how can you?

By recognizing where this dislike of sales comes from… and reframing it.

Let me be clear about something: Overall, fear of sales comes from ego. Fear of sales comes from thinking this is all about you. Fear of sales comes from worrying about what others think, or that your stuff is not worth anyone’s time or hard-earned money.

Now we’re clear on that — where does the reframe begin exactly?

By starting every sales conversation with a mindset focusing on THEM (a.k.a. Your customer)… instead of yourself.

The truth is: When you don’t offer your knowledge, ideas, and expertise to the public, and avoid selling, you’re committing one of the most selfish acts of humanity.

I know that sounds heavy – but I say this because if you’re a part of my community, you’re a helper. You’re someone who has a desire to make a massive impact and create a legacy, and you want to do that with your God-given gifts, and your business.

Without sales… that impact and legacy would be impossible to create.

And yet, when the time comes to make the sale, you clam up. Why?

Because you think the package, or product, or service you’re selling is YOU.

It’s not.

What every sales conversation does (or should do) is invite people to get their needs met. And, as a reciprocal process, you get your needs met by getting paid.

When you feel that “I hate sales” energy cropping up, change the conversation to that big idea. Think about their needs. Think about why they need YOU, and only you. Think about how you can help them.

If you’re really passionate about helping people, you have to get passionate about sales. Because no sales = no business, and no business = the world can’t get their hands on all the magic you’ve got to give.

I know your resistance to sales can feel like a wall. But it isn’t. It’s a mirror.

From now on, every time you’re feeling resistance towards asking for the sale, and for what you deserve, I want you to remember what you’re really saying to yourself in the mirror is: “I’m not willing to pay you.”

You’re telling yourSELF “No” before your clients even get a chance — because you’ve convinced yourself you’re not prepared enough, or that you need all the perfect systems in order to have the conversation, or that you don’t believe your product is perfect yet.

That reflection, that NO, has everything to do with you deciding that you deserve it.

So the questions becomes… do you really hate sales?

Or are you just not quite ready to put your expertise out there in a way that demands reciprocity?

Think about it. The answer you come up with might surprise you.

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