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Creating a freebie offer for your visitors.001

I believe that you’re not in the business of your business.  You’re in the business of MARKETING your business.  Marketing is the most important skill in building, growing and elevating your business to the next level.
Here’s a Jen Don’t Lie:  You can’t make money if no one knows about you.  And getting people to know about you is all about how you master marketing.
Last week I told you about how building your list is your cha-ching machine.  But how do you build a list?
One of the first things you want to consider is creating a freebie offer for your visitors.
There are a lot of types of freebie offers, including a free introductory session for your services or a sample of your product.
I’m going to show you a way to turn up your creative genius while offering something to your visitors that will have them thanking you and wanting to hang out with you all the time.
It’s a personal lesson in how to create your own freebie – which is a no-cost option for you, and a huge value to your potential customers.
You don’t want to miss this hot tip, served up in less than 4 minutes.
You’re such a smart chica.
I have a section on the site called “Fabu Freebies” where I list other people’s hot stuff for absolutely free.  Do you want to be featured?  Enter your URL below in the comments, I’ll check out your stuff, and if it’s a good fit, we’ll offer it to The Fabu Tribe.  Love.
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