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you’re a genuis. niche it good.

It’s been a full week for me, and I’m looking forward to my birthday this upcoming weekend.  Pole-dancing, karaoke and a lot of fun is planned.  In the meantime, I have a big emcee engagement tomorrow to prepare for, and my team and I are still working on making all the final touches on Fabu LIVE! planned for the fall.  This is so exciting, I really can’t wait to share all the deets with you.
On the mommy duty front, my eldest daughter had her first Freshman dance (oh it’s so hard to see my baby grow up!) and my little one (ok she’s 10 but she’s still my little one 🙂 is preparing for her own big video debut for a project at school.  She’s the audio person, and it’s been so cute to see her excitement in having a “big girl’s responsibility” on her very important project.
Speaking of videos, this week’s Jen Don’t Lie segment is on a subject I’m super passionate about, and I couldn’t wait to film the segment because this is info you, as a burgeoning super star entrepreneur needs to get your message tight and your customers keen to the value you offer.
The bottom line is, YOU ARE A GENIUS.  Yup, you are.  And picking the niche that lines up with your core genius will get you to the fabulous life you desire.  Don’t just take these words for it…check it out on this week’s video.  You’ll find out how to pick the niche that highlights your brilliance and makes you moolah.
Mmm, love that.  Don’t you?
What questions do you have about your niche?  Don’t be shy.  Ask a sister.  I’ll answer you in a jiffy.
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