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caves and commitments

I have been going through a lot lately – good and not so good.
The good is represented in all the amazing energy and renewed focus around my own life and business (you’re a huge part of that, and I’m so grateful).
The not so good is more around a feeling of overwhelm, managing priorities, dealing with some difficult people, and as a result, I’ve been doing a little bit of what I call, my “hideout action”.
“Hideout action” = me escaping into my own cave.  Yes, women have caves too.  
And when I’m in the she-cave, I start having commitment issues.  I don’t return phone calls.  I move appointments around.  And I start avoiding interactions with others.  I become extremely introverted.  Which is really weird because I’m one of those people who loves people.
So what’s going on with that?  When I start doing the she-cave thing, my feelings show up in the form of breaking COMMITMENTS.
And I’m also one of those people that really hates breaking a promise.  Which results in more stress, misunderstandings, and in my business, less money!  (And um, that’s not acceptable for me).
On this week’s blog post, I created a vid on some real, practical tools I use to get out of that state of mind.  I think you’ll find that these tools and tips will help you get out of YOUR cave, you’ll feel awesome AND moolah-making will be so much easier.
Do you ever go into your she-cave?  Has it caused you to break any commitments in your life or business?  Share sister, share. (in the handy comments below).
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  1. Liz

    Jen, you were born to be on camera (and you look gorgeous)! I am an over-committer… I try to commit to everyone and then get overwhelmed and worn out! So I’ve been practicing saying no. It’s not easy for me but protecting my space is so important. Great video!

    • Jennifer Kem

      Hello beautiful Liz, welcome back from Africa! I saw your pics and you and your hubby looked so divine and in your element. Can’t wait to hear all the stories you’ll share with us on Gentle Living. 🙂 Thank you for visiting and checking in, it helps get me out of MY cave when I hear from you.