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My Business Trick for Shifting “Bright Shiny Object” Syndrome

You’re eager to get this party…monetized.  Right?

However, you’re sometimes tripped up by the Achilles Heel that plagues many of us doing this entrepreneurship thing:   the bright, shiny object. (Oh it’s so pretty)

Here are a few bright shiny objects that you may encounter on a daily basis:

  • That guru or maven you follow just launched something super fabulous – you say:  “oh I think I need that before I launch my next product”.  And leave your product resting while you spend more money.
  • You see someone’s style of writing or graphics have just changed, and you think it’s hot – you say “ooooh, I need a funky new web site too!”.  And leave your product resting while you spend more money.
  • You’re working on your newest program, and you see that you inbox is blowing up with requests for a tea with you to “rap about business” and other inquiries that you know will take you time to respond to.  But you don’t want to be one of those people that isn’t ‘approachable’ – so you tell yourself “ok, I’ll just respond to these emails and then get back to my strategy.”  And leave your product resting and further delaying your pay day.

This last example is one that I deal with a lot.   So I have a quick trick that you can model to help you answer your peeps and stay focused on the end game.

Bright Shiny Object Slayer:  The Simple Vacation Auto-Responder.

Here’s mine:

Subject:  Yippee!  I received your email…

Hi friend,

Thank you for your email.  I’m hunkered down with projects galore (which I’m extremely grateful for) so you may not hear a response from me as fast as I usually do.

Trust, I AM reading all of my emails, and will surely return a reply (especially if you’re a current client) – all other emails are being routed to my Business Manager to assure we address everyone.

If you require an IMMEDIATE response (like within 2-4 hours type of thing), please note that in your Subject line so it gets on the top of the pile.  No abusing this prioritization, pretty please. 

Clients can also TEXT me, you know the digits.


Gorgeous days to all…

Jen Kem

Your Next Step:

Create a Vacation Auto-Responder in your own writing style and let people know where you stand in your response time so that you can level-st expectations, and help them decide if they really want to talk to you at all.  This is a win-win tactic that will help both sides be extremely clear in what’s possible, in THAT moment of communication.

This doesn’t mean you don’t care, that you’re not approachable, or that you’re not interested.  It’s just a means to clearly say where you’re at right now.  It’s utterly powerful for you, and incredibly empowering for the person emailing you.  And turn it off when you’re able to let in a little shiny…it’s annoying when you have it up in perpetuity.


Stop delaying your payday.

Do you have your own bright shiny object slayer?   I am raising my hand for more tricks you might have please!  Given my own focus issues, you’d be doing me a big favor (can you say “squirrel”?).  Share, share, share below in your comments.

My Business Trick for Shifting “Bright Shiny Object” Syndrome.001

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  1. TaJuan Mercer

    Get out of my head Jenn Kem. Your first three really didn’t apply to me because you know I’m new to the game, but that last one was sooooooo me. And your solution was brilliant…as brilliant as you are!


    • Jennifer Kem

      Girl, if I’m brilliant (blushing) it’s only because I’m looking in the mirror every time I see, talk or am with you! BTW, I just started reading your book…I knew you were amazing but WOW. And you’re not a writer? Um, you’re a bombbbbbbb writer!!! There’s no denying it now. World, watch out, TeeJ Mercer is on fire!

      • TaJuan Mercer

        Laughing and blushing at the same time!!!!!

  2. Vasavi

    This was much needed for me today. I love how you have the exact verbiage for an auto responder. I’m politely taking that from you.

    Thank you!!

    • Jennifer Kem

      Vasavi Kumar, you are a global inspiration. How lucky I am that our stars crossed at the best possible time in my life AND my business. I am grateful for you and your outstanding ability to get ‘er done. You motivate me to be in action, all the time. xoxo

  3. Dana D'Orsi

    Love the auto-responder idea!!!! I am totally going to implement that in my biz…Thanks for sharing!

    • Jennifer Kem

      Dana, thank you for stopping by. I’m so glad this is helpful to your business. It’s saved me many a time.

  4. Caroline Frenette Master Intuitive Coach

    O-M-Goddess it’s like you read my mind.

    In 2012 I was in a total “learning mode” from RHH B-School to becoming a certified Master Intuitive Coach to learning new meditation & visualization techniques (I’ll spare you my looooooong list 🙂

    I’ve purchased and participated in sooooooo many programs and LOVED IT (so many delicious creative Goddesses out there with golden offerings!)

    In my last coaching (yes coaches get coached too:) I clearly “saw” that I need to create space in my schedule to disconnect and create more time to chillax and do nothing.


    I also “saw” the need to connect with nature (make a bonfire under the stars, enjoying a steamy jacuzzi or playing with the puppies even on a cold winter day)

    Unplugging from everybody else’s shiny objects & offerings
    enables me to get (new!) brilliant ideas and to commit to actions, once I’m refreshed from doing “nothing”.

    • Jennifer Kem

      Caroline, so nice to see you stop by! Yes there’s nothing wrong with creating a few simple systems so you can stay in focus…then turn yourself back on when you get the thing we said we’d do…done! Unplugging for just a bit gives us room to breathe love into our own work and then open up for more, more, more!

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