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How using the S-Word (all day long) can make you RICH

“Sh*t, I didn’t make any money with that product.”

“Sh*t, the my opt-in rate isn’t where I want it to be.”

“Sh*t, my affiliates didn’t promote me like they said I would.”

“Sh*t, how am I going to make my mortgage payment next month?”

“SH*T…am I going to really make money doing THIS?”


Here’s the deal, babe.   You’re using the wrong S-Word.

The S-Word that WILL make you money, is one that I see too many entrepreneurs ignore.


Simply described, it’s a plan of action designed to achieve a major goal.  It’s the secret sauce behind all successful businesses.  And, it’s damn sexy.

Here’s why.

You are LONNNNGING…wanting so badly to make this work.  And you’re committed to it.

But you’re chasing after what everyone else is doing.  Or you’re doing things that are costing you so much cash, that you’re feeling completely spent and saying yes to every so-called ‘opportunity’ that comes your way…even if it doesn’t line up with your passion.  Or you start to feel like you don’t like your business anymore.  Overwhelm becomes your state of being. 

When Strategy is missing from your business, or something you don’t take the time to invest in, I see too many of you quit before your time.  I see you getting irked at your kids or husband for no reason other than you’re worried.  I see you not showing up in the world because you’re so scared that the next thing just won’t work.

Here’s what to do.

Start using the S-Word all the time.  Ask yourself: is this decision strategic for my business?  Is it in alignment with my overall goals?  Does it represent how I want the world to see me?  Does it feel good?

If the answer is NO…then align yourself with the Strategy you need.

The most successful entrepreneurs have a level of consistency in their marketing, in their willingness to create and ship their genius, in their focus on their big end game.  I guarantee that what that really means is they are hopelessly devoted to their strategy.  Women entrepreneurs, in particular, are fabulous strategists – but only when they’re willing to do it.  As natural strategists, we have the ability to see the whole picture, to create the relationships we need to achieve them, and to also bear down and focus on the “what to do”.

Don’t think that being strategic means you can’t change your plans.  You WILL change your plans.  As you take action, lean forward, and keep moving – new, amazing things, people, projects will show up in your life.

But a Strategy gives you the litmus test of where to trade off the things you said you would do…with full knowingness.  It gives you the confidence and swag to keep pressing forward instead of second-guessing yourself.  “The work” starts feeling easier.  And then things start really getting juicy.

You start getting seen.  You start getting heard.  And you start getting paid.

Use the S-Word. 


Don’t know where to start with your Strategy or need a guide to help you create 2013 plan that will activate the plans in your head?  Consider joining me for the CA$H Calendar Workshop – a Half-Day with me, that sets you up with the stratagems that will show you the money.  It’s all done online so you don’t have to worry about geography. 

And, it’s only $175 (no, I’m not missing a zero).  BONUS:  you can also bring someone on your team for only $50 more.  Imagine if your team was really bought in to your business strategy – they would know exactly how you need to be supported – and things would start to get crazy-good.  There are only 6 seats left.  I’d love for you to play with us.  Visit http://thecashcalendar.eventbrite.com.

How using the S-Word (all day long) can make you RICH.001

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  1. John Garcia

    Awesome post, Jennifer! Now, more than ever, we’re focusing on strategy across the board with all of our businesses and ventures.

    Do you have any tips for crafting strategy — formats, outlines, etc? Where do you begin? How do you keep these strategies organized and in-check?

    Thanks for the reminder and affirmation!


    • Jennifer Kem

      Thanks John! Since you’re a fellow marketer and online biz wiz I appreciate your comments…in terms of formats and outlines I use a system called a CA$H Calendar where I map and plot every strategy for the next 18 months and then populate every action needed to get there – partnerships, marketing tactics, design, etc. I also use a branding methodology that I created from my days (long ago LOL) to direct all the things I do.

  2. Doreen

    Absolutely on point! You can’t expect to get the results you want with a consistent effort of doing the right things at the right time – that’s what having a strategy is all about.

    Stay RADICAL,

    • Jennifer Kem

      Hey Doreen, you know this. You are one of the top strategists I know and appreciate you’re stopping by. Consistency is the key, and I’ve learned the minute I stop being consistent, my bottom line is affected greatly. And that’s not just cash, being consistent in the life things I do is just as important. RADICAL!

  3. Jenenne

    This is so awesome Jen!! Thanks. Strategy is the name of the game. I love the clarifying question, simply, is this a strategic decision for my business! BAM!! You rock.

    • Jennifer Kem

      Jenenne – love ‘seeing’ you here. Yes, I use that one line it everything I do and it whips me back to what I need to focus on. Glad it was helpful! Keep bringing your A-game, sister.

  4. Bobby Uyehara

    Dang Jen, you continue to inspire me and will always be my mentor.

    Without the “Strategy” a plan is just a plan. Measured execution with an effective strategy is key. You go girl, rock on and stay cool!~


    • Jennifer Kem

      Bobby!!! Oh I’m so happy to see you here. I miss your happy energy and your brilliant mind. Thank you for being an inspiration to ME.

      • Bobby

        Jen, likewise, I miss your positive energy and “Jen don’t lie” reality check. Everyday I continue to have the energy to drive for results. That energy is derived from your leadership and mentoring skills that, as I said earlier, continue to inspire me everyday. Love the website, I’m so impressed.

        take care!