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Why I Finally Want to Blog Again – A 2013 Declaration

2012.  The Clearing.

A year of figuring out what I did not want to do.

It went a little like something like this:

Refining my marketing muscle.

Measuring results.

Loving, leaving and loving again.

Believing in my God-gifts.

The Introvert believed to be an Extrovert – Outed.

Forgiving the past.  Living in my present.

Accepting my gentleness and fierceness.

Strategy, strategy, strategy.  For others.  For money.

Writing, writing, writing.  For others.  For money.

Execution.  For money.

Millions made for them.  A pretty penny made for me.

BUT, became a slave to my craft.  More focused on cash than the other currencies I hold dear.

Tired.  Beat.  Spent.  Resentful.  Burnt-the-eff-out.

I got physically sick.  More than once.

Inward I went.  Deep.  Got coached to deal with the shit between my ears.  Inner circle action.  A return to me.

A trek to the Mayan temples.  Soul sister congregation in the waters of Maui.  Lots of California love.

The result:  Full circle re-DEVOTION, my dreams stoked again (hot fi-yah style) and then drenched with happy tears.  A full-on breakdown followed by a full-out breakthrough.  New dear friends.  Inspired, itchy-good ideas.

A realization:  What I really wanted.  I wanted to connect more with YOU.  I wanted to serve you more.

And so…


2013.  The Declaration.

Goal-setting transformed into Desire-declaring (thank you Danielle LaPorte).

The 5 Desired Feelings that will guide me in 2013 with you:

BOLD. – in my asks, in showing up, in being unapologetically fabulous.  More dancing, more karaoke.   The bold YES and the bold NO.

LOVED. – by me, with my tribe, around the world.  Always striving for magnetic meaning.

LUSCIOUS. – everything I build, act on, create, and connect with will be DELUXE.  Like mega.  For this, I’m ok working my buns off during ON time.

AWAKE. – allow my body to integrate with my mind.  Daily meditation and core power heated yoga and a commitment ceremony with my spin bike.  Way more beach time.  Oh yes, and more frequent sleepy siestas.  So I can be more present.

COMMITTED. – to my craft, to my prose, to my freedom, to my babies (only 2 more years until #1 leaves the nest).  To you.

This is why I’m back to blogging, to serving, to creating new delicious stuff for you.  Because I’m ready to show up and represent in all of the ways that make me feel happy.  To own what I know, and to share them with you.

Look for more fortune telling, marketing mastery, all-out sensory stratagems and gorgeous brand-things that make your business soar.

I’m back.


Share your 2013 declarative desires below.  Which God-gifts will you bring to the rest of the world?

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  1. JG

    Great stuff, Jennifer! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you in 2012, and I look forward to a stellar 2013.

    Work it!

  2. laurie wagner

    More beach time baby! You and me both! Love what you wrote – totally feel the commitment. You are so full of fire – can’t wait to play with you!

  3. Sylvia

    I’m with you, Jen! Woke up this morning feeling – in my bones – the greatness ahead (and today!) in 2013. Tired of hearing the “it’s the economy”; “fiscal cliff” woes; “when I get it right I’ll…”. Living in the Washington DC area it’s all around me! I spent “me” time this morning writing my (new / re-newed) affirmations and reading from my new daily readings book. Took action on 3 things already – a little at a time each day for 2013 for myself, my relationship, and my business. You’re a part of my 2013 already!


  4. Jennifer Kem

    JG – totally. What you’re doing in the world is muy importante. keep doing it!

    Laurie – you know you’re in my top all-time girl-crushes of all time, yes? I can’t wait for the things we’re going to do together!!! And many of those things include the beach as a supporting character in our story, girlfriend!

    Sylvia – I’m such a huge fan of who you are. Anything you need, you know you’re my sister.