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How to Turn Your Stuff into a “Forever-Brand’

How to Turn Your Stuff into a “Forever-Brand’

I am a devotee and snob about strategy, yes this is true.  It’s because I know that businesses that have solid strategies are building scalable Forever-Brands, and will bring the world value now and still be around next year and the year after…(even if you end up looking different in a few years, that’s good – strategy requires you to evolve).

Before I get into more detail here, a heads up:  if you’re not in your business for the long haul, then this blog post isn’t for you.

If you are, then fabulous.  Keep reading.

Strategy takes your ‘core desired feelings’ into super-activate mode (if you’re still working on your ‘core desired feelings’ – check out the link on the right of this blog and invest in Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map, it’s the best program I know that gets you clear on what yours are.  It’s deep and delicious and for DO-ers).

Strategy makes your BRAND more visible, gives it more depth, and helps clearly define what and how you’re serving people. 

See, we need more BRANDS like that.   Because the marketplace is over-saturated right now with a lot of fluff stuff, copycats and people who want to make some quick cash but that’s because they’re in it only for the short-term.

If you love what you do, if you have feedback that people want what you’ve got and you’ve got the mindset and hustle to keep moving even with a chance of failure, then I say, “Get clear on your Marketing Mix Strategy”.

What’s Your ‘Marketing Mix”?

The best brands in the world use Marketing Mix, also known as the 4P’s of Marketing, which is the basis of all of your business strategy.  See, Marketing is simply a series of influential and client-relevant tactics that allows you to get seen, get heard and get paid.  But to get people to that point, you need to know and plan for your marketing mix.

And now a brief natter from my marketing pulpit:

You need to know how to do this if you want to really want to have a Forever-Brand.  If anyone has told you that marketing is evil, it’s only evil if you use it to TAKE from people.  If you’re a GIVER (and I know all my readers are, at least the ones I want to work with), then you need this.  There is no business without paid peeps and there is no Forever-Brand without consistent strategic marketing.  Truth.

With that said, may I introduce you to, my friends:

The 4P’s of Marketing

  • Product (or Service) – what does your customer want from your products or services?  Why do they want it?  What are the benefits to them, and what are the features of your stuff that make it juicy for them to say YES?
  • Placement – where can people find you and your stuff?  How do you give them a chance to interact with your brand?  What are your offline and online strategies and financial investments that will maximize your placement?
  • Price – what is the value of your stuff?  How does your price fit with your target market (or tiers within your market)?  Are your price points relevant compared to other  similar offers?
  • Promotion – Where and When are the best times to promote your stuff?  Have you mapped out the steps you need to get your brand and programs to market?  How much will you budget to do online and offline marketing to promote your brand?

Ok, ok.  You might be asking, “that all sounds good, but where do I start, sister”?

The Marketing Mix Guide

Here’s a little guide to get you thinking about 1 thing you have brewing and want to apply the Marketing Mix.  This is a handy set to use whether you’re considering new stuff, or trying to maximize current stuff.

  • Step 1:  Choose the product or service you want to grow.
  • Step 2:  Answer the 4Ps questions above as it relates to the stuff you want to grow.
  • Step 3:  Try asking “why” and “what if” questions too, to challenge your offer. For example, ask why your target audience needs a particular feature. What if you drop your price by 25%? Do you really need those FB ads, would an increase in your PR budget help more?  How can I build a great referral network to build word-of-mouth interest and sales?
  • Step 4:  Step back, look at it with your left-brain (which is the logical side), and then ask a question to your right-brain: “Does this feel good?”

If both sides say YES, then start implementing per your timelineThen rinse and repeat with your other stuff.


Are there other models that you use to determine the who, what, where, when and why of your Marketing Mix?  Share with the tribe in the comments below, they are all eager to get seen, get heard and get paid.  And thank you for reading and sharing with anyone you know who could benefit.  If you’re not actually on my email list, I share a lot more things with those that are on it, outside of this blog, so c’mon…what are you waiting for?

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  1. Hunter Wade

    Thanks for differentiating marketing to take from marketing to give. I am very curious what would have happened if Bernays had sought to empower people with his uncles discoveries, rather than manipulate them.
    Thanks Jen! I promise to ponder the 4 p’s profusely!