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Is your Brand Adored…or Ignored?

Is your Brand Adored…or Ignored?

When I hear from my clients who are experiencing a “dip” in new customers or are not making their income goals – in those moments of obstacle or difficulty I ask “are you listening to your market, to the voice of your customer?”

The answer is always with your customer.

See, the most effective brands know that the way to meaningful impact (that usually culminates in the exchange of money energy), is always determined by the customer, not the company or the creator.

This was something I also had to learn – because YES you have amazing ideas, YES you are helping people with your genius stuff, and YES what you’ve created is great.

But the other side of the equation that makes it REAL, is if THEY want it.  If they determine if they need it.  If they fall in love with it.

You know that your brand is ADORED when 2 moments of truth occur:

  1. When your audience decides to purchase your stuff over other stuff, and
  2. When they get it, use it, experience it – they are utterly delighted and excited. 

I call brands that win these 2 moments of truth:  Master Brands.

What will you do to intensely focus on winning these moments of truth?

Here are some quick thoughts to peak and tweak your brand:

  • Remember, YOU are your brand.  People, at the end of the day, are buying YOU.
  • Ask your customers if a need for your product or service really exists.  If the answer is “meh”…have the courage to shelf it.
  • Target, target, target your marketing.  And be willing to make the tough choices to do so.
  • Know who your competition is, but don’t get obsessed with what they’re doing.  Do you.
  • Be crazy consistent in your communications.  Your customers want to know you’re not just legit, but that you’re totally into them.
  • Choose team members that reflect your brand and the experience you expect to create for your customers.  If they don’t want to wow your customers like you do, well…they’re not for you.
  • When you love your business, people can tell.  When you don’t, people can tell.  Master Brands always evoke they adoration for what they do.

Show your customers love, and they will return the love to you.  En masse.

Are you peaking and tweaking your brand in Apple-esque ways?  Or do you have a specific challenge you’d like me to answer related to your brand?  Would love to, let me know in the comments below.

I’m also going to be answering the 3 Branding Mistakes Small Business Owners Make on Doreen Rainey‘s Monday Night Power Call – sign up to listen in at http://getradicalconference.com/monday-night-calls#

Is your Brand Adored…or Ignored?.001

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