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Simple Ways You Can Use Videos to Increase Your Brand Presence

Simple Ways You Can Use Videos to Increase Your Brand Presence

Did you know that in today’s society, people prefer videos over text? The reason is simple: it’s much easier to watch someone do something rather than read about it. Using videos provides viewers visual information that isn’t available through reading.

You’re probably thinking “How on earth can I use videos for my business, Jen?”

There are three main ways to go about this, the first one being a webinar. If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, you most likely have signed up for one of these already. Webinars are some of the most popular ways to demonstrate your knowledge in a classroom type format.

Next are the live streams. These are a little different than webinars as it tends to not be so classroom-like. Rather, it tends to be more relaxed, hence the live in live stream. Furthermore, you can use live stream through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope, just to name a few; all it takes is your phone and you’re all ready to go.

Last but not least are teleseries, also known as a telesummit. These often tend to be rather huge events, number-wise. Similar to conferences, one would have to pay a fee. For the most part, numerous telesummits often have several guest speakers that speak on similar topics. For instance, let’s say I was holding a telesummit on social media marketing. I would invite other entrepreneurs who are experts in this field, and we would share our knowledge on the different aspects of it. One could talk about Facebook Ads while another would share tips on using Twitter for business.

Wondering what type of video would work best for your business? Or even what to do a video on? When making decisions such as these I normally have my clients decide based off of their Archetype. Archetypes make up your brand’s personality and provides clarity to the best moves for your business. If you’d like to find out your business archetypes as well as gain a support group like no other I highly suggest you think about enrolling into my Master Brand program. Learn more here.

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