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Simple Number Hack That Can Improve Your Sales

Simple Number Hack That Can Improve Your Sales

Did you know that marketing is the psychology of human consumption? While your job is to be as good of a marketer as you can be, many tend to be better at product creation than being a marketer- and that’s okay. That’s why I’m here to help you out.

Have you ever noticed that many challenges tend to be odd numbers or contain a zero at the end? It’s because we are attracted to these types of numbers. For instance, you’ll see events that last for only three days or perhaps, a 7 day email challenge, rather than 4 days or even 6. To make this short, our brains just don’t like those numbers but love them and that’s why it’s essential that you implement this knowledge into your business.

Remember my last blog post about the steps to creating an offer? This is where knowing the right numbers comes in handy. For example, I have something called the 7 Day Slay that my Posse uses to better improve their business. Notice how I created an intriguing challenge as well as utilized the number 7 into my offer? That’s how you should be implementing both of these crucial strategies into your own business today.

The more you have to offer, the more you’ll be rewarded. But you have to put in work. It’s so important that you learn skills like branding and reaching out to your ideal clients in order to succeed. Then, connect YOUR system to YOUR story, and like magic, you’ve become the Cinderella of your own story.

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