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How to Lead Customers to Say “Yes” to the Sale

How to Lead Customers to Say “Yes” to the Sale

Grab your pens and notebooks, it’s time to learn more about offers, aka your product you want to sell. It doesn’t really matter what kind of business you’re running- whether it’s the health industry, lipsticks, essential oils, or even if you’re a marriage counselor, your main priority is to enroll your (future) customers in by using what I like to call the Hansel and Gretel effect. In the story, the siblings were attracted to the witch’s cottage that was made of all the sweets they enjoyed. Applying this concept to the business world, you need to provide an irresistible offer that will solve their problems.

How, you ask?

You first need to showcase how you’re the best teacher in whatever they’re struggling with. One way to go about this is a challenge. For example, I regularly use my own 10-day challenge called the Brand Story Challenge within my Posse. The reason why I created it is because I knew that people had a hard time piecing their story together in a compelling way. Since then, I’ve been able to effectively help people from all walks of life improve their businesses. With that being said, by creating your own challenge, not only do you demonstrate experience in your specialized field, you’re also one step closer to finalizing your offer.

In the Brand Story Challenge, I go deep into the heart of your brand. It covers all the pain points, pivotal moments, and secret superpowers that lie within your company. I designed it that way because I knew that it would help participants find a sense of purpose and passion in their brand story. Remember, a confused mind doesn’t say yes, so you want to create opportunities for your ideal clients to quickly and clearly see themselves in your brand.

In fact, I’m hosting a special workshop called, Paid to Be You where I’ll be diving into the key steps you need to build a big love, big money brand. Seating is limited, so be sure to save your spot today and join us online to learn how to get paid to be you!

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