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Why Running a Business is Like Going on a Date

Why Running a Business is Like Going on a Date

Last week, I shared with you the differences between an editorial and a ca$h calendar which you can read all about here. Today, we’ll be focusing on the pre-launch.

Before we begin, let me first say this: running a business is like going on a date.

You might be a tad bit confused right now, but you’ll understand shortly.

Practice makes perfect is one of those cliche sayings we often hear. It’s probably because it’s so true- the more we make mistakes, the more we learn. This same rule applies in running a business, too. Good brands and businesses know that testing and trying stuff out is a necessary part of getting engagement and getting sales, and you should be doing the same consistently.

Do you have an awesome product you want to share with the whole world? If so that’s great! But don’t get too excited and just launch right away.

First things first, you must take a step back and plan out the next twelve months of activity as well as prepare for your product’s launch; this should be approximately eight weeks from now in order to gain enough exposure to your desired audience.

If you were with me last time, I talked about three big steps you need to do when you’re getting ready to launch, and this is where Steps 1 through 3 are needed the most.

Beginning with Step 1, you must start telling people about you and your product. I highly suggest doing this three times every week in order to increase awareness not just for yourself, but also for your product/business.

Next, you have to start being a salesperson (Step 2). You need to explain to people why this product is good for them and so forth. While this step is extremely crucial, you don’t want to shove information down their throats. Rather, you want to build a relationship with them before putting on your business hats.

Combining the two, let’s say you have a program that will help people shed 15 pounds in 30 days. Using your Ca$h Calendar, both your telling and selling activities should focus on providing your future customers with information on how to lose that weight. You can do this by providing testimonials or a free trial, just to name a few. This way, you can bring yourself to Step 3, which is also known as Ensured Effectiveness, meaning that you have satisfied their needs as well as ensuring that they’ll be taking the next step with you.

Remember when I said earlier that running a business is like going on a date? No one wants to get asked the question right after they meet someone, right? The same goes with customers, too. Just like dating, they don’t want you to bend on one knee after dinner. They want to know you and what you stand for before being committed, in this case, to you and your product.

What will you implement into your product launch today? Share your answer as well as get ideas from other entrepreneurs in today’s blog post in the Paid To Be You Posse.

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  1. Marion Lynn Connell

    Just as soon as I vet my housing situation settled, I will start implementing this plan. I may even try scheduling a few talks. It didnt pan out the first time, but that may have been my insecurity showing.