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The Value of Adding Bonuses

The Value of Adding Bonuses

A few weeks ago I went over how to create some bomb-tastic offers. But there’s always room to uplevel. How so? Well, one way is to add bonuses to your products. And no, I’m not talking about the kind you get at your typical 9-5 job. What this is an extra offer, so to speak. And it’s perfect for helping entice visitors to want to get more of your products.

Let’s use one of my signature programs that started this week, Master Brand, for example. For that program, one of the bonuses included was the Master Brand Momentum Brand Fest; a six hour online training with some of the best people in the industry, such as TeeJ Mercer, easily worth over $500 and I gave it away for free to those who registered for the program.

But that is only example. Don’t like using live video? No problem! You can add useful spreadsheets, printable checklists, or even a book as bonuses- the options are limitless.

Remember This: People aren’t investing in you when you’ve offered them something they’re investing in themselves but they’re choosing you as the mechanism to get to what they want because you demonstrated that you deserve to be hired. While it is important to showcase your value, that doesn’t mean you should give away everything for free. Offer them to invest in themselves with you as the teacher, and people are sure to come running for more.

What kind of bonuses do you think will excite your audience? If you’re not sure it might be because you’re not clear of your Brand Archetype. Archetypes detail the personality of your brand and act as a guide when making decisions in your business. Find out yours as well as how to use them by taking the AIM (Archetype Indicator Mix).

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