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3 Steps to Successful Marketing

3 Steps to Successful Marketing

Do you wonder how successful people remain so successful? How they’re able to do things in a certain way that ensures success?

Well, there’s a formula, and I like to call it the sequence of success. There’s only few steps, and they are all easily doable as long as you’re able to commit.

Let’s start with number one: Relationships

I can’t stress how important it is to build relationships. Being a entrepreneur, I make sure that I go out and know my customers. This way, they know who I am and what I have to offer.

The reason this step is so crucial in any type of business is because no one likes a salesman. Remember the time when strangers would knock on your door, and you’d grunt in annoyance as you turned them away? It’s because you don’t know them.

But this isn’t the case with, let’s say, the Girl Scouts. While maybe you don’t know them personally, you know who they are, brand-wise.

See how relationships make a difference?

On to number two: Create Your Tribe

An extension of Step 1, you have to make sure your relationships turn into your followers- people that believe the message, the story, the teachings that you have, so much so that they’ll take action. And believers are tribe members. They’re not just a group full of random people.

To break it down, crowds are a large, potential group while tribes are more selective, meaning a small group of people who are more likely to fit in your niche.

For example, if you’re Kylie Jenner, you would want to reach the tribe that loves makeup, not the tribe that enjoys playing softball.

So, when you discover your targeted audience, you should be actively putting out information, content, transformational concepts that will help support their goals and dreams. The more you help support the followers’ goals and dreams, the more you turn them into believers.

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Moving on to step number three: Never Stop Being an Apprentice

While this might be a hard one to do, this step in the sequence to success just as important as any marketing strategy that’s out there.


There’s always someone who will know more than you.

Don’t take this the wrong way. Rather, be open and learn from them instead. That’s how I was able to make seven figures every year.  I was willing to be an apprentice to other people, to find a coach, a mentor, somebody who would help guide me in the things that I don’t know.

Here’s the thing- when you’re in a room and you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room. You have to be humble enough to go and find the right mentors and coaches in order to better yourself.

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