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3 Ways to Create a Brand that is Popular and Profitable

3 Ways to Create a Brand that is Popular and Profitable

Often times when it comes to branding and marketing, people confuse popularity and profitability. I will tell you what I’ve found in my 18+ years in the biz:

They are not the same thing, but you can have them both.

So how do you do this? How do you get your ideal clients to love you? Here are 3 ways you can create a popular and profitable brand.

  1. Start by being in service. Give your Ideal Clients things that are valuable to them. (This includes what’s free as well as what’s for fee.) You build a popular and profitable brand by showcasing that you have high value.
  1. Don’t confuse branding with aesthetics. A lot of people think that branding is just aesthetics: graphic design, a website, logo, etc. Because of this, that’s where a lot of people just stop. I gotta tell you the truth, that’s not where the magic is. There’s no return on investment in pure aesthetics. If no one knows about you, it doesn’t matter if your logo’s pretty. (#ouch) The most important component of branding is serving others. A brand that serves is a brand that gets seen, gets heard, and gets paid.
  1. The final key is activation. Activation means doing something. Activation is taking your great ideas and turning it into something real. Activation is actually doing something that will draw your audience to you. It can look like setting up a web page to attract leads, developing challenges or quizzes that allow people to experience the way that you teach, or doing live videos through Periscopes and Facebook to be able to demonstrate or teach people. For those of you with a product business, an Etsy store, or a MLM (multi-level marketing), the formula is the same.

You still have to be in action, that’s what activation looks like.

Most of us are really good at creating products and programs. But what we’re not good at is building brands. We don’t tell our story to other people. We don’t invite them to take action. Sometimes we don’t even take action ourselves.

And so what you need to get good at is getting people to the door and having them open their wallets. In order to do that, you have to build a brand that’s popular and profitable – a Master Brand. You need more than just a logo. That’s why, when you come to my classes, read my blog, or join my workshops, I always try to teach you how to stay in action. In fact, I’m currently doing daily livestreams with branding and marketing tips in my Facebook group, the Paid To Be You Posse. If you haven’t joined us yet, I hope you’ll head over and connect with our tribe! We love adding high value to brands who want to get seen, get heard, and get paid.

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  1. Queen

    I love this blog, not only because of the great content but because of its setting. The very things mentioned in the blog draws my attention to the aesthetics, offerings, story, value and content that literally surrounds it on the page and the realization of the action behind it required to not only produce it but get it seen and heard by me. It’s like in 3D or something…. is 4D a thing, cause maybe it’s that 😉 Thanks Jen