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Building a Brand that Authentically Magnetizes

Building a Brand that Authentically Magnetizes.001

What an amazing week of service it’s been! If you’ve been following us on Facebook in our Paid to Be You Posse, you know that we went from team planning a rockin’ 2017 to serving almost a hundred people live in Brooklyn. While most of my team headed home, I went down to ATL to continue serving in yet another live event, and then headed back to New York to start marketing my upcoming book.

Why? Because dreams matter. Your dreams matter. And how you build your dreams within your brand definitely matters.

So today I want to look at a frequently asked question I hear from coast-to-coast: “Jen, what does it truly mean to build a brand?” To me, building a brand looks like taking the specific end-to-end experience of your business and building a following that loves you.

One of the first things I recommend is identifying your brand archetype. Or, as I often explain it, the personality of your brand. Your brand archetype tells you exactly how your brand should show up in the market. From your copy, to your aesthetics, your taglines, and more, the archetype of your brand brings clarity and differentiation.

Why is that important? Because a lot of people cannot verbally say what their brand is about. They don’t have clarity. They lack a “North Star”. But that’s what building a brand is about. It’s about you being able to confidently describe the value that you bring to people.

Because guess what guys, business is not for the meek, business is not for the lazy, and business is definitely not for the wanna be’s. In fact, some people like to think business is sexy, but it isn’t sexy. The results are sexy, but building a business is work. And when you know your brand archetype, it feels better because you’re more connected to the essence of who you are and how you are meant to show up in the world.

Last Tuesday, we started our Fall Session of Master Brand, my signature program on building a big love, big money brand. You could see from day one, the breakthroughs that our students were having. The clarity, and the “aha” moments of, “I get it now! This is where I’m supposed to be!” happened as they took their archetype tests. Why? Because knowing who you are in your industry and how to authentically connect to that is game-changing.

While this round of Master Brand is closed to the public right now, you can learn a whole lot more on Archetypes and how to build your brand in my free download, The Brand Map. And I want to hear from you! If you’re not in our Facebook group, Paid To Be You Posse, come on over and share with our tribe: “Who are you in your industry and how does that authentically connect to your brand?” Can’t wait to hear from you!

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