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The Easiest Way to Attract Your Ideal Clients

The Easiest Way to Attract Your Ideal Clients

What do you have in your back pocket? What are you still holding on to? What I mean by that is, what passion project have you kept hidden from the world?

See, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t have anything growing up, or you still don’t know where to start – all that matters is having a great idea and being willing to find the right people to be around to learn from.

Today I want to share with you the easiest way to attract your ideal client. (And it’s a lot easier than you think):

Talk about the moment that changed your entire perspective completely.

In my free, online Brand Story Challenge, we call this moment, the catalyst moment. Your catalyst moment is something that happened in your life that changed everything. It can be a happy memory or a painful one. But it’s that moment that agitated you into doing something different. It made you realize, I have to change. For me, a catalyst moment was back in 2008 when all my retail stories went completely broke overnight. Well, it wasn’t really overnight, but it all culminated in that moment, and it was a cold hard reality slap that showed me I needed to change my whole perspective.

A lot of times our catalyst moments put us on the sidelines, but on the flip side of that, a catalyst moment can be something amazing. It doesn’t always have to be negative or tragic like losing everything or the passing of a loved one. I have a client, who was homeless but she transformed that homelessness into getting a PhD from Stanford. So her extremely positive catalyst moment was receiving her acceptance letter from Stanford.

So how does this tie back to your ideal client? The thing is, we put too many rules around how to tell our story. There’s definitely a structure and a way that you can make real impact if you’re building a business and want to tie your stories to your content. But you have to get over the fear of being seen and heard if you want to get paid.

Share your brand story. Talk about your catalyst moments. Let it land on people, and give them time to observe it. It’s easy to think, “I must get this point across right now because I need people to get it, I need people to buy this, I need people to do this.” To be honest with you, if you let it sink in with your Ideal Client a little bit, they’ll be asking you for more instead of you chasing them.

If you haven’t joined us in the Paid to Be You Posse, I hope that you will so I can keep having this conversation with you. I know you have big dreams and a message in your story that your audience is waiting on. It’s not just your responsibility to tell your story – it’s your responsibility to keep telling your story.

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  1. Tiffany Braxton

    Love this, such to the point info that makes perfect sense! Reading this a bell went off, the Black Women Stand Up brand was created during a sad catalyst moment that both my Co-Founder and I were going through at the same time. We got in to such a deep discussion surrounding healing and the bounce back, that a book idea was born that turned into our blog and online movement! So inspiring, thanks Jen!