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Where do your peeps live? (find the audience that’s waiting for you)

Where do your peeps live? (find the audience that’s waiting for you)

Another popular question I get is:

“Jen, how can I get more traffic online? I have my website, leadpage, Facebook group, [insert here] set up, but I’m not getting enough traffic.”

We’ve established in the past couple of blogs that a narrowed down market is key. So now, who do we choose, or how do we find our peeps?

The answer is easy. Go on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter, and find like-minded influencers in your market. See who they’re targeting. Find what categories they’re selling, and the audience they’re addressing. For example, if you’re in the health space and you sell essential oils, who else is selling essential oils successfully? Where are they? Who are they hanging out with? And then go and join them in that conversation.

It’s harder to create another conversation than it is to jump into one.

Don’t feel bad about doing this as long as you stay in integrity. If you add value and you build a brand that they want to follow (which is what becoming a Master Brand is all about), then be different and not afraid to stand out.

The way to test it is to go into those communities and see where you get bites. And when you get bites, then go all in. Be consistent, be persistent, add value – don’t be sales-y or icky. Give tips, articles and helpful resources. See who responds, and use that data to test and build your buyer personas. I delve into this deeply in my Master Brand program (we’re waitlisting right now for the Fall, but you can see more of the Audience suite at www.masterbrand.me).

Your buyer persona is an illustration of your “peeps”, your ideal clients, and with enough testing, it will tell you where to find them. Build this collection of information: where they hang out, what their other interests are, and what their problems tend to be. Don’t just don’t look at their demographics and say, “Oh, they’re a speaker, author, coach, parent, creative type, etc.” Look at what else they like. Do they like Instagram? Are they mothers? Are they divorced? Are they looking for new ideas to develop?

Once you start collecting this information to build your buyer persona, it allows you to speak to the other things in their life that they care about. Are you willing to go there with them, into the crevices of their mind? Marketing is all about psychology and if you understand what your ideal client’s desires are and what possibilities they want to create, you will start to grow your brand in epic ways. It does take time (there’s no such thing as an overnight success) but if you do go deep you’re gonna start to notice a difference.

I hope you’ll join us in the Paid to Be You Posse and talk about some of your biggest takeaways from today’s blog. I’d love to see and hear from you about your Ideal Clients and what you dream for them.

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