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The Secret to Business Success

The Secret to Business Success

At times, the process of building a brand that gets seen, gets heard, and gets paid can feel difficult.

The other week a client of mine said to me, “Jen, I’m frustrated! I’m doing a webinar tonight and I always feel like people come, but they’re not will to open their pocketbooks for me. What’s the point of all this sharing if they’re not gonna pay me?”

I replied, “Well, how often are you sharing?”

Her response, “I just got started.”

“People don’t know you yet,” I told her. “They haven’t seen your consistency, so they don’t trust you yet. Not because you’re not trustworthy…just because they don’t know you.”

This a story I hear often, and I always direct clients back to the #1 secret to success:

Don’t make it so hard. Simplify.

You might think building a brand is hard because you don’t have what you need, or you don’t have the right education. Maybe you feel your significance is not worthy, or you don’t know how to do certain things. But I can tell you that finding out how to do thing is the easy part. Choosing to apply the steps is what brings success. I know that’s easier said than done, but again, don’t make things in your business so difficult.

Education is available everywhere. (Think, or all the free resources you have access to.) You can hang out and you get free information, hop on Periscope, find my blogs that teach you about marketing and sales, but you have to take action to get results. At the end of the day that’s the main problem.

Your problem isn’t that you’re not a genius, your problem isn’t that you don’t have something to offer, your problem isn’t that you can’t do this. Your problem is that you’re not implementing.

I challenge you to do something. Take the nuggets you’ve learned, look at the content you’ve written, and simply put it out there. Don’t leave it someplace in hiding, but put it out there.

Good ideas don’t deserve to die (especially not your ideas!)

Next week I’ll be sharing the one cure for the fear + function problem: A bulletproof, expert-led, fearlessly strategic game plan. If you have 90 minutes to invest in your brand, you’re going to want to join us for my FREE virtual incubator that will walk you through developing a pro-level launch plan. You’ll design, execute on, and accelerate your big ideas with a bulletproof game plan. Hope to see you there!

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