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What NOT To Do In Your Brand (and how you can avoid these mistakes)

What NOT To Do In Your Brand (and how you can avoid these mistakes)

I’ve had many experiences doing business with great people. I’ve also done business with companies that, quite frankly, need to inject a little change into their organization. While it’s not always a pleasant, it’s always a great learning experience.

Since I work mainly with small business owners, I use these situations to show them that how you build your your brand is everything. See, it’s not just about your colors and your typography. It’s about how you make people feel along the journey of them choosing you. How do you take care of them along the way?

The biggest thing you don’t want to do in your brand is to forget about your Ideal Client’s end-to-end experience. From start to finish, does your brand live up to and execute the promises you make?

After all, it’s more than “making the sale”. After they’ve invested in you, how are you going to deliver on what you promised? Are you gonna surprise and delight them? Are you going to make sure that your customer service processes are up to snuff? If not, do you at least have a couple people on the front end of your business that can help buffer some of the concerns, complaints, all of that? Because those things are all gonna happen in your business.

I tell my clients up front: “Be aware of this. Be ready.” You will expend a lot of energy in a launch, taking care of the people, showing them the value of your products and services, etc. So when the other side of the coin comes, when you’re actually fulfilling the product or the service and you’re dealing with questions, potential complaints or concerns (because everybody comes from a different frame of mind), be prepared.

What are some of the best end-to-end brand experiences that you’ve had? What did you remember about this experience and what were your takeaways as a brand owner yourself? I’d love to hear about it in the Paid To Be You Posse! If you haven’t joined us yet, hop into the group for actionable prompts to get your business seen, heard, and paid.

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  1. Marion Lynn Connell

    Since I’m really a novice at starting a business I have no “end-to-end” horrors or delights. In fact, I’m giving my first talk on Sept. 22nd in hopes to start at least 1 group at a greatly discounted price. If I manage to get a client I will be immensely surprised, due to the area. Whateever the case, my feet are finally on the ground and I am moving. I due have another talk coming up, but the date hasn’t been finalized. It is in another part of the city.