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How to (Proactively) Anticipate Your Client’s Needs

How to (Proactively) Anticipate Your Client’s Needs.001

One of the best things you can do upfront for your business is to anticipate your client’s needs. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. In my programs, and with my clients, I always tell small business owners to anticipate the type of questions your clients might have. This can be based either on your past experience, or info you’d want if you were in their shoes.

Before you launch a product, if you have enough runway time to test it, I highly suggest that you ask 3-5 people to review it. Tell them, “Ask me any questions you’d have around my plan to deliver this.”

It could be anything from, “I don’t understand how the product will get to me,” or, “I’m having technical difficulties.” For example, maybe you’re delivering things via video and the videos are either slow, or don’t open in certain browsers. While you should always test your product in every browser anyway, the more info you have before you launch, the better you can support your customer upfront. This helps you anticipate what your clients need, and once you launch, you can even say, “Oh that’s a common question. I’ve placed the answer in our FAQ section.”

As you build your offerings, ask, “How can I get people 99% of the content that they need? How can I get people 99% of the context that they need? How can I make sure that, as much as humanly possible, I can foresee questions that could come in and have the right people on the front line?”

So anticipate the questions. Make that a part of your process when you’re offering products and services to the market. Of course, it’s not going to be perfect (and I always say, aspiring for perfect is not the goal – aspiring for excellence as much as possible is the goal) but it’ll set you up for success. And if you’re not a part of the Paid To Be You Posse yet, our fly Facebook group is a perfect place to solicit help and feedback.

In fact, tomorrow we’re kicking off Crush Week, a 5 day event with keynote speakers such as myself, Kimra Luna, Jadah Sellner, Tara Zirker, and my all-star Jen Kem team. We’ll be helping you crush your goals and find ways to serve your ideal clients to get you seen, heard, and paid. (There are no replays for this event, so sign up to save your seat and get live access!) See you on the other side.

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