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10 Ways to Find Your Marketing Momentum (Pt. 2)

10 Ways to Find Your Marketing Momentum (Pt. 2)

“Action activates the dream.”
-Jennifer Kem

We’re continuing my Top 10 actionable tips to increase your Marketing Momentum. Here’s a quick recap of #’s 1-5:

  1. Get clear on your why.
  2. Embrace the defining moments of your life.
  3. Celebrate your wins out loud!
  4. Dig deep into the soul of what you do.
  5. Know thy Audience.


Jumping straight into the rest of our superstar list…

6. Live in your genius.
Find “The Thing”. Y’know, The Thing you do SO well, SO beautifully, and SO naturally, it makes you shine like a light among your peers. Don’t be shy. Stop trying to censor yourself or be someone else. (Hint: Authenticity breeds Momentum)
What are you absolutely the best at? What do you love to do most? How does it make you feel? When you arrive at these answers, live in it. Don’t sell yourself (or your audience) short.

7. Understanding + empathy are the best marketing tactics out there.
To gain any momentum in your marketing, your audience needs to care. And it is your job to give them a reason to care. It’s more than sending out messages, emails, newsletters, or posts. (Because you never know where those are going to land.) You have to define exactly why they should choose you, and why you should choose them. The more you immerse yourself in who your audience truly is, the more powerful your work becomes.

8. The experience a client has working with you is just as important as the work you do with them.
Your customer experience doesn’t just start when the work does. It starts the moment that inquiry email hits your inbox, and ends long after work has wrapped. The way your clients feel when working with you, the level of follow through in your brand, and your ability to ensure their happiness is key to continual Marketing Momentum. How can you refine your process to make it even more a-ma-zing for your clients?

Jennifer-Kem-Brand-Design-and-Identity-10 Ways to Find Your Marketing Momentum (Pt. 2).001

9. Results truly are everything.
From social proof (which your client might just need to decide whether or not to work with you) to red carpet results, measurable gains are an essential staple in your marketing. The better you can be at finding ways to analyze, improve on, and discuss you results, the more you’ll be able to show your audience just how much you bring to the table.
Fair warning: It’s always dangerous to guarantee results or make up wins you can’t stand behind. (It’s also just plain icky.) Authentically celebrate the wins of your clients, and let your track record speak for itself.

10. Let people see you.
Your brand story is important and deserves to be out in the world. Stand by the things you are most passionate about, be clear in your intentions, and follow through. Remember, your products and services don’t matter until you let people see that they exist. Creating in a vacuum feels safe, but taking action is what activates the dream. So…what are you waiting for?
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    Number 7 I’ve heard/read several times before, stated a little differently. This way really hit home for me.