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10 Ways to Find Your Marketing Momentum (Pt. 1)

10 Ways to Find Your Marketing Momentum (Pt. 1)

Contrary to the popular saying, “if you build it, they will come,” successful momentum in marketing takes a higher level of intentional hustle. I like to say,

“If you brand and market it, then they will come.”

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing 10 easy ways you can find Marketing Momentum in your brand today. (Yes, there’s so much goodness involved it needed a Part 1 and Part 2 to do it justice)

1. Get clear on your why.
Your why is your everything. It’s the beating heart and soul of your business, the driving force behind everything you do and create.
What dreams did you have as a child? What did you always see yourself being, doing, becoming? What is that one thing that lights you up and makes you feel like you could do it forever? That’s your why. This is the starting point of your business and the most crucial aspect of your momentum.

(Hint: if you’re tired or worn out, your why isn’t deep enough. Dig deeper.)

2. Embrace the defining moments of your life.
Sometimes it’s an earth-shattering situation that knocks the wind is right out of your sail. Other times it’s a deciding factor that changes the course of your entrepreneurial road. Good, bad, happy, or sad, these moments lead up to the foundational ideas of your business. Recollect and embrace them to keep you connected to your why

3. Celebrate your wins out loud!
Think back to a moment that lead you to your calling in a bigger way than you ever imagined. It put you on the road to this phase of your life, like a turning point that revealed the light from the clouds. Whether it comes in the form of a big win, or a simple exhale, these transformative moments are celebration worthy. #COL (Celebrate Our Loud) your defining accomplishments and let the world know your Brand slays.

4. Dig deep into the soul of what you do.
An entrepreneur is never just an entrepreneur. You, my friend, are a self-starting, badass freedom fighter, taking up arms against the status quo to truly have the career you’ve been dreaming of. You are so much more than a job description, so let your messaging reflect this. Step out of your shadow and provide opportunities for your audience to not just live life, but experience it.
Bottom line: dig deep into the soul of what you do, and your customers will follow suite.

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5. Know thy Audience.
This is one of the most important steps to a big money, big love brand that gets you Paid to Be You. In fact, it’s one of the pillars of my flagship program, Master Brand. I’ll be sharing more on this topic next week, but here’s a quick preview: do you know your audience? You know, those phenomenal people who work with, buy from, and follow every little thing you do? What are their interests? Their fears, loves, and worries? Knowing these answers is key to tailoring your marketing and communications.

To be continued….

In the meantime, I hope you’ll join us over in the Paid to Be You Posse (if you’re not already a Posse Peep). We have daily prompts, a generous Tribe and actionable content you can take to get seen, get heard, and, most importantly, get Paid to Be You.

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