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The 4 P-Words to Get Over Perfection Rejection as a Business Owner

The 4 P-Words to Get Over Perfection Rejection as a Business Owner

Have you ever heard of perfection rejection?

It’s not exactly what you think it may be, though.

Let me explain. Perfection rejection is really just something that’s really good news. And you’re probably asking, “What are you talking about?

Well, I say this tongue in cheek but not completely. But I always tell my class or my students: perfection is the devil.

Why? Perfection is what is blocking you from getting seen, getting heard, and getting paid. It’s blocking you. I like to call this the P-word.

But there’s good news, too.

There are four other P words that will help you prevent perfection rejection.

But before we get into that, let’s define what perfection rejection is first. Basically, when you are telling yourself something like this:


“Nobody knows about you. That other person is doing better than me. My products aren’t that great, why would anybody pay for them?”

You may know this as negative thinking.

You’re energetically rejecting your success because we actually create rejection ourselves. It’s not because of outside forces. It’s not even because of technical snafus. It’s all on you.

At the end of the day, building a brand is about leadership- leadership of self over leadership of others. When you begin looking at, “What am I doing? What am I doing to create my results?”, you’ll realize that perfection rejection doesn’t help you at all. Instead, these four P words will help get you and your business back on track.

Prosperity Acceptance

Someone once told me that to get over a problem, you need to be aware of it.

The same goes for dealing with perfection reflection.

Being an entrepreneur, there are days when I get overly anxious. While that’s not a bad thing, sometimes that anxiousness can get out of control.

It’s a little funny because this morning, I literally asked myself what I was anxious about before realizing I was in perfection rejection. By realizing this, a shift took place in my mind, changing my attitude and mindset.

Here’s the thing: it’s not going to be all perfect.

And it’s perfectly okay.

Planning Do’s and Don’ts

Planning is the next step to overcome perfection rejection. So while it’s a great idea to write down your goals for this month or even this year, it’s not such a great idea to write a step-by-step manual.

This is called analysis paralysis.

You may have seen television shows where people have created a strict five year plan only to find out life doesn’t work that way. They’ve created such a strict system to the point where they become paralyzed when a misstep happens.


Don’t be that person.


Promote Yourself

Are you afraid to promote yourself?

You’re not alone- most people are, including myself. But after years of being in the industry, I realized that there’s no shame in promoting yourself, especially if you want people to hear you, see you, and pay you.

You see, promoting lets people know how they can get in on it, whether you have a cool new gadget or even lending an ear; getting in on is about seeing that you’re a valuable person to listen to, too.

If they see more of the real you, the more likely they can resonate and even build a relationship with you.


The final P word is pivot.

Miriam-Webster defines pivot as “the action of turning around a point.” As a business owner, we all need to realize that there will be bad days when everything seems to go wrong.

For one, a while ago, I had a workshop for our Brand Story Challenge. Being one of the most popular, I wanted to make sure everything was going to plan.

But guess what? Not everything did.

Thankfully, I had an incredible team who was able to pivot through disaster after disaster. To this day, I’m still grateful for them and that experience. It taught me that yes, your mindset can either create a great or a horrible experience and to be more flexible from now on.

Here’s the thing: if you think that being an entrepreneur/being a business owner/starting a business/growing a business is about things are gonna go right, then you’re already set-up to fail. So instead of thinking of it being perfect or right, think of it as willingness to pivot, willingness to be resourceful, willingness to figure a solution out.

Remember, you’re not perfect. You’re an imperfect human doing superhuman things…and you should be very proud of that.

What P-word do you need to start using today?

4 P-Words to Get Over Perfection Rejection as a Business Owner.001

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  1. Claudette Redic

    Thanks Jennifer for your candid and enlightening perspectives. Promoting and Pivoting are my summer plans to gain my own new perspective of how much fun I have in being an entrepreneur. Continue the inside looks of action.

  2. Ivana

    My P word will be politeness.If I act like that my relationships will be less problematic.