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4 Types of Marketing and How to Use them to Run Your Business

4 Types of Marketing and How to Use them to Run Your Business.001

What is marketing?

Well, what comes to mind almost immediately is the process that goes into selling a product or service. Whether you decide to run an ad on Facebook to learning more about your company’s competitors, all of this and more is a part of marketing.

But did you know there’s four main types?

Called content, partnership, event, and digital marketing, everything you thought of marketing falls in either one of these categories.

Content Marketing

So, what’s content marketing? It’s basically the act of putting out valuable content to attract your clients or your prospects. Advertising easily falls into this category as well as writing a blog post (like the one you’re reading right now), creating a weekly newsletter, using Facebook Live, just to name a few. Some other behind-the-scenes ways are conducting case studies and using that information to create specialized content.

Because of the diversity, content marketing is divided into two types: direct and indirect. Direct content marketing is more noticeable; for instance, a commercial or an online pop up. On the other hand, indirect content marketing is much more subtle. Comprised of comparing studies, examining your competitors, and even the way you write something, these small things lead up to the ads you see everywhere.

While content marketing may seem pretty obvious in terms of meaning, it’s arguably one of the most important types of marketing. After all, how would anyone know about your product if you don’t promote it?

Partnership Marketing

This might seem like an unfamiliar term since it’s better known as affiliate or affinity marketing, but partnership marketing is the human component behind any business.

This is where “there is no I in team” really kicks in.

Even with the shift to technology, people crave human interaction. From great customer service to collaborating with other entrepreneurs for a conference, these interactions is what keeps a business running. This leads me to the next type of marketing…

Event Marketing

Remember when I briefly mentioned conferences in the previous type of marketing? Running a conference is essentially a type of event marketing. Straightforward out of the four, from running a free workshop to as something as large as the recent Teachable Summit, if properly used, events can propel your business to new heights with all the connections you make. As incentives, they give an opportunity for deeper learning, deeper direction, and deeper guidance as well.

It’s because of things like this that I aim to have at least one human to human event each year. There’s nothing like being able to meet and hug the people who make your business dreams a reality.

Digital Marketing

Unlike the other three, you can say that digital marketing is the baby out of them. With more and more people preferring to shop online than go to a brick and mortar, digital marketing had become more important than ever.

With entrepreneurs learning on social media to run their businesses, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have led the way to connecting with others through livestreams and groups instead of relying solely on paid ads or owning business pages. Thanks to things like this, digital marketing has become an important part of any business.

So, which ones have you been using and which ones do you need to start using now?

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