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3 Diamonds Proven To Get Your Brand Revenue + Results

3 Diamonds Proven To Get Your Brand Revenue + Results

I’ve been in the marketing industry for a long time. And over and over I hear people saying, “I want to build my company’s revenue. I want my brand to see more results. Jen, how can I be in strategic action to make this happen?”

Today I’m going to drop some diamonds and share with you proven steps to make more money and get better results in your brand.

Now, some of these may feel a little #ouch, but because I love you, I’m gonna tell you what you need to hear so you can get unstuck. These are all things I’ve tested and proven (on my own dime), and I share it with you not to discourage you, but to allow you to learn and uplevel your brand.

These blogs offer free, high value content that’s immediately actionable. In return, all I ask is that you take it and test it before you decide how you feel.

Sounds good? Then let’s go.

Diamond One: If you want to be successful you can’t be lazy.

Marketing, branding, and sales are the most important components of your business and you can not be lazy on it. You have to to-the-very-end-all-day-everyday think like a marketer. The best marketers win, and those that are experts in their brand building win. So you have to not be lazy.

Diamond Two: Value results over building.

The whole, “building a business is sexy” is not a real thing – business is not sexy, results are sexy.  Business doesn’t just happen by magic and there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Don’t ask the question, “Do you think my idea is great?” The better question is, “Is my idea worth implementing? What should I go after?” And you won’t know that until you put it out there and see if there’s some demand. Which leads us to…

Jennifer-Kem-Brand-Design-and-Identity-3 Diamonds Proven To Get Your Brand Revenue + Results.001

Diamond Three: If you want to increase the results in your brand, get people talking.

If you’re just starting out, give a few of your packages away and get feedback in exchange for testimonials. Feedback, testimonials, and case studies are major currency for your business.

Not only that, but in testing your product or program, you may find out that you don’t have a big enough market for it. If you can figure that out quickly, you have a more competitive advantage than most people.

And by the way, get the right people. Don’t just ask your momma, your daddy, your dog and your cat to give you feedback around your products and services. It’s humorous, but you do need to actually be brave enough to ask people that you know you’d like to work with and say, “Hey, you feel like an ideal client to me, and I would like for you to try this program and give me feedback. In exchange I’ll guide you through the program.” If everybody says, “No,” or you start to see that people aren’t grabbing on, then you might want to move to another idea.

If you put these three things together, what would that Weekly Slay look like for you? Share your “aha” moments and next steps in the Paid To Be You Posse so we can shout you out and support your journey to upleveled Revenue + Results. And if you want specific direction to maximize the most out of your launches, reserve one of the last available licenses for Launch Leader at (There’s a special price of $199 if you use this private page.)

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