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Building a Brand That Can’t Be Ignored (Like the Leaders We Are)

Building a Brand That Can’t Be Ignored (Like the Leaders We Are).001

If you’re holding onto your gift, genius, product, or services because you think it’s not ready, give yourself the gift of launching.

Don’t be an idea hoarder.

If you are someone who is holding back what you have because you think people aren’t gonna value it, the truth is that you are holding your business back. Set your ideas free, because they are amazingly dope!

Here’s how to build a brand that can’t be ignored:
1 person has to see it.
Then 2 people see it.
Then it’ll multiply by 2, then 4, and before you know it, your 1 view has turned into 40+ views.
All because you launched in a way that can’t couldn’t be ignored.

The minute you start consistently sharing your idea is the minute you start getting seen, heard, and (eventually) paid.

You need to release some of your strategic genius so people can see the value you bring. What does that look like?

Take bits and parts of what you know and put it out there.
Ask 5 to 10 people to try out your products and services without charging them a dime.
Get the testimonials you need, consider the feedback they give, show that you have a market for it. (After all, nothing sucks more than doing a business when you have no proof it’s gonna work.)

You don’t have to give the whole thing away, but be intentional and consistent in the way you plan things. You’re not gonna get a home run right out of the gate, and that’s ok. You’re looking for your Ideal Client to find and use your products and services. It’s the long game, where launching (getting your ideas outside of you and into the world) is crucial.

Take last week for example. I hosted the Notorious BIZ workshops where we delved into the the 3 step strategy of successful launches. In fact, a lot of you were there, continuing the conversation with me in the Paid to Be You Posse. Some of you even received the replay in your inbox.

There were so many of you who had amazing products and services that the world needs right now. I could hear your excitement throughout the workshop saying, “Jen, I’m in! I’m gonna make it happen!” That commitment is why I built Launch Leader in a way that easy for the entrepreneur or business owners to access and utilize. It’s why my Team and I post on social media, follow up with your emails, and find ways to give high value content (many times, for free).

I believe your brand deserves the notoriety you give it to make the world a better place.
It’s time for us ALL to rise up as Launch Leaders.

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