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Convenience And Entrepreneurship Don’t Mix


I get a lot of questions from entrepreneurs, both in my paid programs and people who are in my free group and social media feeds.

One of the most commonly asked questions is, “Jen, how do I know what I should be focusing on?”

Well, let’s start with what you shouldn’t be focusing on. It’s one thing I really see messing people up right now — the C word (no, not the one you might be thinking of).

It’s Convenience.

See, we live in a world where convenience is on every corner. Literally. We can go pick up a bottle of water at 7/11, or drive through and get our food. We pay for shortcuts.

But the truth of entrepreneurship is that this path is actually the opposite of convenience.

If you want to build a business and you care about working with and being around people that will actually help you grow your business, you’re not looking for the most convenient path. It’s nice to find a convenient path when you can, but the truth is, it doesn’t exist in entrepreneurship.

You know how the saying, “Anything worth wanting is worth working for?” Well, that’s true in building your Master Brand as well.

Now, I want to ask you, if you’re looking for the other C words in your business

…like Clarity

…like Courage

…like the Confidence to speak your message in a way that see, hear and pay you

…it’s not going to be convenient to do the work.

You’ll need to surround yourself with the right people who are like-minded.

You have to invest in yourself to be around your mentors.

You need to hit that livestream button and talk to your audience.

And while there is no shortcut to success, showing up and doing the work will get you those results that you truly desire. I know you can do it, Friend, and our tribe is here as a community + container to help you get it done.

To get what you want, you need to show up.

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