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Creating Connection with Your Audience That Lasts


People are longing for connection, in a deeper way, even if they think they’re introverted or shy.

If you have a business that helps people, it’s your job to show them that you help them create the connections they may be nervous to create themselves.

In a world where it’s easy to press play on your FB Live or create an Instagram story, where in that conversation are you having a DIALOGUE with your people?

Here are a few ideas on how to better create connection and a 2-way conversation with your audience:

1) Acknowledge they’re there. People want to feel significant, they want to be seen (just as much as you do). When they jump on, do a little research after the fact to see what they’re up to and acknowledge it at the top of your livestream.

2) Take a breath when you’re teaching to ask questions. Actually pause and be ok with the lag that happens when you ask them a question. Do what I do: I sip my coffee while they come in. And then also compile a few questions for topics for the next time.

3) Take the time to respond to all of the comments in the feed. The ROI on this activity is huge; and I’m not just talking about the dollars, but the creation of connection and belonging, that’s so integral to our being. People that feel seen and heard, are eager to share with others what they’re up to. Which makes your brand get seen and heard more too.

4) Encourage them to come to a live experience with you. There isn’t a better way to get to know your people or for them to know you than a live event. Even if it’s small (10-30 people) or larger, create ways for it to be easy for them to connect with you. Live events create loyalty, stickiness, and if you do it right, great profitability, even more so than digital marketing.

Do you want to learn how to create a brand that has this level of connection and influence? I got you. Come and join me!

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