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Brand Archetypes 101: Sage, Hero, and Creator Explained

Brand Archetypes 101: Sage, Hero, and Creator Explained

Are you ready to dive into more archetypes? If you don’t know what they are, be sure to check out this post and this one before we get started. 🙂

Just to review, there are four main archetype categories: principal, trustee, upholder, and promoter. At this point, I’ve already gone over the principal and promoter categories, but  only touched very lightly on the trustee and upholder. So today I wanna talk about the trustee archetypes and give you a little background on them.

First, let’s talk about the trustee category of brand archetypes and it is comprised of sage, hero, and creator.

What is a Sage?

I like to call the sage the academic out of the three. These people tend to be very good interviewers and are a literal walking book of fun facts you probably didn’t know about. People like Oprah and Deepak Chopra fit this category the best.

Power Words: the detective, the mentor, the shaman or the translator.

Sage Personality: The brand archetype heavily relies on statistics, metrics, proof, facts, and evidence. Since they are often so certain, they tend to be very spot-on.

What is a Hero?

The next archetype in the trustee category is the hero. A complimentary archetype to the advocate, people look up to them to save them from stuff or themselves. Perfect examples of the Hero brand includes the likes of FedEx, Nike, or Mindvalley.

Power Words: the athlete, the liberator, the rescuer or the warrior.

Hero Personality: A ‘for the people’ archetype, Heroes are one of the most trusted. Just like your favorite DC or Marvel super hero, they swoop in just in time to save the day.

If you’re a primary or dominant hero archetype, the energy of your brand is more around helping and saving people by using tools, mechanisms, products, and services that make their life safe and sound.

What is a Creator?

Last but not least is the Creator. When I think of the creator brand, I think of Lego because it creates transformational experiences that people can put together in order to build their own outcome.

Power Words: the artist, the entrepreneur, the storyteller or the visionary.

Creator Personality: Like their title, Creators are very into the arts or the beautification and celebration of creation. They are people who create extraordinary, transformational things that help people embrace their  inner creator. Creators love seeing a different possibility through the lens of creation, art, storytelling.

Most entrepreneurs tend to have this archetype because they are creative in their approach to solving problems.

Speaking on entrepreneurs, there is one problem that’s universal and it goes like this:

“I want to build my business… but I can never find the time. I get distracted, overwhelmed, and sometimes totally confused. I want to do big things, but I don’t have the hours or the help right now.”

And I totally get it.

Having been in the biz myself for almost 20 years, I know the struggle…but here’s the thing, you don’t have to struggle while doing the hustle.

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