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Brand Archetypes 101: Alchemists, Provocateur, and Mavericks Explained

Brand Archetypes 101: Alchemists, Provocateur, and Mavericks Explained

The last couple weeks I’ve been blogging about the importance of knowing your brand archetype as well as how I use my own archetypes (Ruler, Explorer, and Lover) in all of my businesses and programs.

This time, we’re going to dive into three more: Alchemist, Provocateur, and Maverick.

What is an Alchemist?

According to my own program, AIM, the alchemist is one of the principle quadrants. Two of the best, well-known examples are Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Each were visionaries ahead of their time, Jobs known for creating many of the innovative Apple products we love today and Musk with Tesla Motors.

Power Words: Impact, transformation, mysterious, perceptive, clever, passion, intensity, and strength. They are also known as magicians because they seem to make innovation look magical.

Alchemist Personality

This brand archetype relies in connection with self and source from an internal place rather than gaining information from external sources, turning ordinary products into gold as a result. The Alchemist often flies solo as they walk the path of the mystique using the sight as their primary knowledge source. They may appear mysterious because of their intuition and belief in realities beyond the physical world. They have an intimate knowledge of how the world or universe works even before the rest of us, this is key.

The magician of the alchemist almost shows up before people are ready. As a result,  they have to be patient because people are not necessarily ready yet for what their innovations. They trust their inner self, which is the key to their business success as they evolve, so does the popularity and following of their brand.

In your storytelling, if you’re an alchemist, let the audiences in on your inner thoughts and how they lead to your innovative inventions, they will love you even more.

What is a Provocateur?

Like the Alchemist, the Provocateur belongs to the principle category. They actually really poke at problems and challenges and really try to expose them while poking fun at the same time. One well-known cold-blooded reptile is none other than Geiko the Gecko. He loves to poke fun at the boring industry of insurance, but just don’t get too caught in the silliness.

Power Words: instigator, awakening, activation, powerful, human insights, funny, fearlessness.

Provocateur Personality

When the Provocateur archetype is your brand’s identity, a PG 13 rating is usually required. It’s a playful, spontaneous brand that is interactive and inclusive. Provocateurs let it rip while finding the courage to be oneself to be accepted and adored by others.

When you can describe the fun-loving, mischievous child in all of us and create stories that harken audiences to that, you will be build a bulletproof brand around this archetype. This archetype is willing to break rules in a lively way.

What is a Maverick?

The Maverick belongs to the promoter quadrant like the Explorer and the Lover. Mavericks are  known as the rebel, the black sheep. People like Madonna and Harley Davidson belong to this category because of their unique yet shocking approaches to breaking the rules.

Power words: Bold, progressive, leadership, risk-taking, progressive, provocative, brave, and brutal. Or in other words, Mavericks give no shits about what people think as much as possible, even when trying to get their point across because their whole job is to fight the structures that are holding people back.

Maverick Personality

If you’re a maverick brand, your whole job is to tear down what has been learned and tell others to forge your own path, even if it’s scary. You are committed to creating big change with a creative vision in mind are more than willing to blow up existing structure and acts of creative destructionism as their vision pulls them forward. You may not be popular with the masses, but that’s a blessing in disguise since you attract followers for life through charisma.

In your storytelling, be bold and audacious. Mavericks aren’t wallflowers and they speak their mind with little regard to outside opinion. Due to this, the maverick tend to be a very misunderstood brand archetype by society because they don’t belong in society because they’re busy blazing their own trail.

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