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3 Ways to Build the Best Team

3 Ways to Build the Best Team

Someone once said that there is no I in team, and whoever said that is absolutely right. As a team, people are more likely to get everything done at a faster pace.

Even today’s most successful people have a team that works behind-the-scenes.

For example, your favorite celebrity has a glam squad to help them look their best for the red carpet. Scientists and their assistants would examine experiments together. Or even when you go to the store, the manager has employees to help manage the store as he works on other duties.

No matter where you go or what industry you’re in, there is always some form of teamwork at work.

The entrepreneur is no exception.

Take a look at the most successful business people today. Are they doing everything on their own? Most likely not. While they may seem like it, these same people have a team working the magic.

And just like there is no I in team, no business is successful without an efficient team.

The Importance of Building the Right Team

Have you ever went to the store and experienced the most smoothest, not-so complicated service you’ve ever received? Let me guess, the staff was really friendly and were helpful when you needed it, right?

What about the times when you had the worst experience? Did the place look as chaotic as much as the experience? I’m sure it did.

So, out of the places you thought about, which one did you think about revisiting again? I bet it was the ones with the great service.


Well, we can’t help but feel inclined to go back to places with the best memories. Think about all the times you’d visit your grandma’s house or to Disneyland and how much fun you had at those places. Even just thinking about probably made you want to go back.

It’s the opposite if you don’t like a certain place. Maybe something tragic happened, and as a result, you don’t like it.

Picking the best team is like that, too. As a business, you want to always share your best face to keep and gain new customers.

Are you ready to pick your team? Here’s 3 ways.

1. It’s More Than Just the Interview

Interviews are some of the best ways to figure out if someone is the best match for your team. But even if the interviewee gets all the answers right, you still need to keep a close eye on them.

That’s why most companies tend to 1) hire from the inside and 2) have a trial period to ensure that the company keeps running its best.

Think of it this way. Building a team is like building a car. The builder will need to find the best pieces to fit other pieces in order for the car to work. If not, the car will end up breaking itself apart, causing damage to everyone who uses it.

By being observant, you’ll be able to see a person’s true potential.

2. Look for Weaknesses

In a team, people are chosen have to fill the other person’s weaknesses while adding to the business, too. For example, one person at a computer company may be able to write well but cannot understand code. By having a person who can, in this case know code, he can take over the coding tasks while the other person can continue the rest of the writing assignments.

If you take the time to examine what your team is good and bad at, not only will you be able to save time and money, your business will run more efficiently.

The best way to do this is to ask your team to complete a skills-based questionnaire. For instance, big companies like Sears and JC Penney often add a situational-based survey alongside the application process. This helps HR figure out if they’ll want to hire a person or not.

If you already have an existing team already, make some time to talk to them both in a team and singularly. By doing this, you’ll be able to figure out what person is right for a certain task.

3. Trust Your Gut

It’s very easy to get caught up reading reviews, especially if you’re looking to hire a specialist. You have no sure way of knowing if the reviewer could be biased, being paid, or lying to leave reviews.

This is where trusting your gut comes in.

If there’s a person who knows you better than anyone else, it’s you. There is no one else who knows your thought process or how you like certain things. Even as you run your business, there will be times you have to make important decisions with your gut feeling.

Here are some things to ask yourself:

-Is said person reliable? When and how?
-What do other people say?
-Has this person improved anything?
-In what ways do they benefit your company?

How will you create the perfect team?

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