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Must Have Domain Names for Your Brand (Part 2)

Must Have Domain Names for Your Brand (Part 2)

In this day and age of online marketing, websites are an invaluable tool for your business. Whether you’re launching your products or working on everyday efforts to bring people to you, your website domain names are a biz essential. Last week we talked about how your brand can have the most amazing program or product (and that’s great) but leading your ideal customer to your site, and then eventually having them run to you and not forget about you – that’s your main goal here.

I shared with you that the first must have domain name is your own name. Similarly, the second must have domain is your business name. Easy enough, right?

I’ve had people ask, “But Jen, what if I’m unsure about my company name?” Well here’s my advice: if you have a company name in mind, you should buy it. Don’t wait for a year until you’re finally 100% certain. Because on average, domains only cost about $9 a year. Isn’t that worth the investment to avoid the frustration of someone else snagging it first?

The third must have domain name you need to launch your brand is something that appeals to your ideal customer. I want you to think about what I said last week: you need to draw people to your brand. You need to become a magnet for your ideal customer, and the way to do that is to start thinking about what your customer needs from you, as well as what they want. Start a journal and keep your findings inside.

If you were to put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes, what are the actual phrases he and/or she would be saying? For example, my people say, “I want to build a brand.” So if I was gonna launch a program that was about building a brand I might buy the domain name, Iwanttobuildabrand.com. So build your domain name in a way that is actually a sentence that comes from the space of your ideal customer, and not you.

Finally, if you have a product or service that you already know you’re going to launch, you should definitely own the domain name for that too. I’ll give you an example that combines my Ideal Customer and a program I launch. I have a webinar called the 90 Minute Brand Plan. It’s been wildly successful and a 6 figure launch, because it combines my Tribe’s need to build a brand and pivot on the go. I teach them, in just 90 minutes, how to build an in-depth Brand Plan (in fact if you haven’t saved your spot yet, it’s happening live today and tomorrow) And then to make it easy for my registrants, I shortened it and purchased 90minbrandplan.com. That’s a prime example of using your domain names to lead your customer to you.

Through it all, be patient. I didn’t just start in this business last year – I’ve been doing marketing and branding for some of the biggest brands in the world for 18+ years. I can tell you first hand that it doesn’t happen overnight, but a catchy domain name definitely helps to build your leads and traffic.

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  1. Dlang Ferguson

    Hi Jen, What’s your advice on the set-up or strategy when purchasing domains. I’ve purchased several over the past 10 years and some I’ve let go because I didn’t use, while I continue to buy more with the new ideas. The average starts out very low for the first year and can increase and then there are fees for private registration (approx another $15 per year), where all of mine have had private registration, expect for the 1 that I brought a month ago and now I’m getting telemarketers calling regarding the domain because my purchase and info was made public. Is there a website where you can purchase a bundle or multiple domains for a discount? How important do you think it is for private registration and is it needed? What strategy can be put into place when purchasing multiple domains. I have two coming up for renewal and the price is $75 for 3 years for both (with Godaddy), and now that I have multiple hosting plans, trying to be more efficient with spending on Domains and Hosting. Thank you for this topic. #momentum17

  2. Marion Lynn Connell

    Ok this makes sense. Although it may tke a while for me to com up with some domain names, I do have a registered company name: Connell Enterprises, LLC. Since I am a Personal Health and Wellness Consultant and Life Coach, I like to personally see my clients and up to now never really considered doing anything online, that coulpe with the fact that I am a retired RN and all this online sstuff is fairly new to me.