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If You Want the Perfect Client, You Have to Tell Them Who They Are

If You Want the Perfect Client, You Have to Tell Them Who They Are

The whole “Everyone can benefit from my products and services” thing makes me SMH.

You’re not Apple or Coca-Cola or Google.  I’m assuming, since you’re here, you don’t want to be, you want to be uniquely you and get the right people over to you.  And you probably don’t have their multi-million dollar advertising budgets to throw at the masses either (if you do I’m really happy you’re reading my blog, let’s definitely do dinner.  5-star.  On your Amex Black Card).

All kidding aside, this is serious stuff because it’s one of the BIGGEST reasons you may not making the money your brand should be making.

Sure, “everyone” can benefit from your products and services, but you really don’t want everyone.   Why?  Because, at the risk of pissing on your cornflakes, it’s YOUR job to tell the people who need and want your products and services, who they are.

Keep only talking about yourself instead of actually telling these fine people who they are, and you’ll keep making epic stuff with less-than-epic results.

Then you start questioning:

“Should I be doing this?”
“Maybe I’m not cut out for this business thing?”
“There’s no room for me, look at how s/he is killing it over there!”

I’ve got a solution for you.  How about you start telling them who they are?

When you tell them who they are, some pretty freaky stuff starts happening:

  • You start making money.
  • The number of people you love-so-much-you-would-marry-them-but-this-is-business vs. the OMG-I-can’t-stand-this-person-but-I-need-the-cash would exponentially rise.
  • You start liking your business again and stop asking should you go back and get a “real job.” (or you actually leave the job you have because now you can!)

Here’s a template for you to use, and it’s swiped right off of my web site.  I’d like you to use it if it’s useful to you.

Just make it your own:  you know, something that really makes sense for your brand.

Here it is:

Are we a perfect fit?


I’m all over this site (so typical for a Ruler Archetype) so you have a pretty good idea how I do things in the world.

One of the key things I help people do is get flawless diamond-clear on who their ideal client is. I call this group of people my Audience. So as I describe who ‘you’ are, ask yourself if what I list resonates, you get that tingly feeling and you say to yourself “Hey, she’s talking about me!”

If this doesn’t happen, you are welcome to learn and hang with our tribe, as much of what we do can support most entrepreneurs and business owners. However, we’re probably not a great fit for one-on-one work together (only available in my VIP Luxe Day).

We’re an awesome fit if YOU darling:

  • Are ready to not just get massive clarity on who you are and what your message is, you are ready and willing to take massive action on what you learn. I’m a lifelong learner but have been around the block long enough to know when I don’t do anything with what I’ve learned, I tend to either beat myself, blame my coach, claim confusion, and/or quit altogether. We’ll work amazing together if you understand that strategy is only as good as the execution that follows, and that 90-day micro-plans work better than trying to boil the ocean. You fully own that you must do the work. We don’t do the work for you.
  • Have done some work in personal and professional leadership, this is not your first foray into this realm. You get that success comes with training your mindset muscle on a regular basis. You know that investing in your mind is a critical part of building a Master Brand and business you feel good about. Please don’t read this as “oh, I have to be perfect” or “she only works with people who have their ‘ish’ together.” Not at all. We’ll just do better if we’re honest with where you are at and what you want to accomplish vs. me working with the person you’re sending as your representative. There’s no shame in our work together. Only liberation and results (and don’t forget fun!).
  • Are seeking a mentor who’s extremely certain. This is one of the pillars of my practice (to read how my team rolls, visit our Culture Credo). The word “certain” will resonate with you as someone who is a stand for your brand, someone who’s been in the game a long time, and someone who uses a method that works. My team and I understand the reasons people buy and the psychology of human consumption (our definition of Marketing) and we’re confident in that expertise. We help you co-create using these best practices. At the end of the day, it’s your brand and it’s your business. Our job is to give you all we’ve got. We don’t serve up magic pills or overnight results – anyone who says they can do that for you is leading you on. You live in the spirit of “patient urgency”.
  • Are serious about building a brand with impact. What that means is you recognize that investing in this type of work is non-optional. To us, Branding is Everything. Every move you make needs to keep the end-to-end in mind. We only do things end-to-end, we don’t do parts of things. We will refer you to our best resources and never to someone who hasn’t been impeccable to work with.
  • Truly want to make conscious cash that’s attached to something meaningful. You leave any space, physical or virtual, better than when you arrived. Your attitude towards money isn’t ruled by scarcity…possibility and abundance aren’t woo-woo words to you. Planning and structure may be a little painful for you, so you want to have someone shape your strategy with and for you. You are a Creator, and you don’t want to waste another day with another poor plan. You’re tired of blowing your hard-earned dollar on activities that aren’t giving you a healthy return on investment.
  • Understand that truth is spoken here. I’d rather tell you what’s not working as soon as we discover it, than waste time fixing something not worth putting more time, effort and/or money into. Our goal is to save you multiple extra steps. Even if that means unraveling, dialing back, or shelving something that exists. If you are attached to any of your products and services, people who work best with us have an open mind about letting go. It may happen. And being open to something that will work better will be essential for our work together to make sense.

You can also see it on my web site here:  https://www.jenniferkem.com/about-jennifer/#client-profile

Again, steal it and make it sound authentically like you, it’s all yours.  Just go tell them who they are already because I really want you to stay in this game with the rest of us.  And, most of all, I want you to help all the people who are waiting to find you and see what a perfect fit they are to be served by your brand. 

P.S.  I’ve got something coming your way in a couple weeks called The Brand Story Challenge where you will get to create a masterful story that’s all you, baby.  One that you’ll be proud to share and will attract your people to you.

In the meantime, have you downloaded The Brand Map yet? When you do, you’ll automatically be added to The Brand Story Challenge when we announce it. (hint, hint)

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