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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Your Biz On (Part 2)

10 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Your Biz On (Part 2)

Last week we started talking about some of the most crucial questions people fail to consider when executing their business. I have these questions written out and I’ve been using them for years. They are important to ask because they definite the difference between strategy and execution. See, execution should support whether or not your strategy is working.

If your execution doesn’t show that your strategy is working, then you need to go to another strategy.

Let’s jump into the content! I’ll be sharing my answers as a guide through this process.

Question #6: If your parents were no longer here, what would you do?
That’s kind of a harsh question. For me it’s a little tender as I lost my dad 6 months ago. Like I said, I’ve been using these 10 questions for years, and I still come back to them, even when it hits close to home. So if your parents were no longer here, or they were no longer watching you (for good or bad), what would you do?

Question #7: What’s gonna be carved on your tombstone?
On my tombstone I want my brand archetypes. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true because I live my brand archetypes in my life and my business. I want it to say, “Jen Kem, Ruler Explorer, Lover, left a legacy for generations to come.”

Question #8: What is on your future resume?
If you’re a small business, you might not have a resume, but maybe what’s on your LinkedIn profile or your Facebook page. What will people see 90 days from now, 120 days from now, 365 days from now? What is on that resume?

Question #9: What are your signature dance moves?
Your signature dance move isn’t just about music or dancing per say, but it’s consistent trademarks of your brand. When you’re in my webinars or my workshops you’re always going to hear music from me. You’re always going to hear me talk about current affairs. You’re gonna see things that are part of my life in the way that I run my business. What are your signature dance moves?

Finally, Question #10: What can you undeniably promise to those you work with you?
What I can undeniably promise is that you’re gonna get the truth. I’m not gonna give you stuff that will make you believe you can microwave results or find overnight success. And I am gonna inspire you to know the real steps it takes to build an authentic, believable brand that feels good.

Building your brand end-to-end is everything. It’s really what you’re aspiring for, and you do it by asking questions like these, learning to market yourself, creating systems to support those goals, and getting out there. You can talk about the current state of your brand and all your aspirations, but don’t let that be the only story that runs your ability to serve your tribe.

If you haven’t done so yet, join us in the Paid To Be You Posse, and share some of your action items from today’s post. Where are you putting your brand out there to get seen, get heard, and get paid? I’m proud to say our tribe is a generous one. The Posse is full of resources that will surprise and delight!

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  1. Marion Lynn Connell

    Lost my dad when my children were nearly grown. Lost my mom a few years ago. I was always the family rebel. Raised my 2 children as a singal parent. Always encouraged them to be who they wanted to be. I did surcomb to working most of my life, witha couple of forays into trying other things. I was trained to be an RN. Always knew that I really didn’t like working for someone else. Settled into working in the areas of nursing I like most which was the Emergency room and the Operating room. As my parents and other family members began to age and develop those chronic conditions associated with aging I began my quest for natural ways to prevent them. What I found that worked,on me, I began t teach to those on my last job. I didn’t find out about Life coaching until my job closed and I haad the choice of retiring or working ungodly hours in a prison. I chose retirement and am working on building my business as a Health and Wellness Life Coachon the other side of the country from the rest of my family. No I’m not alone here. Both my children came here first (1 at a time), and are raising their children best they can, while making inroads into their chosen professions