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How to Find Your (True) Why to Build an Authentic Brand

How to Find Your (True) Why to Build an Authentic Brand

When you sign up to be an entrepreneur and a business owner, you are signing up for the gutsiest, hard-earning effort ever. (It’s actually easier to have a job.) Everything I do is about legacy, and I believe that the legacy and the generational wealth you strive to build is the footprint and fingerprint you leave for the generations to come.

It all starts at the core:  Your WHY.

People ask me more times than I can count, “How do I find my why? If I’m tired, or I don’t know how to go deeper, how do I get there?”

Generally speaking, when you think about your why, it honestly goes back to the time before society and life got hard. The dreams you had when you were little.

For me, I grew up in a small sugar plantation town – my front yard was sugar cane, my back yard was sugar cane, my side yard was sugar cane. I lived in a plantation home in a very simple household, but looked and acted very different than the rest of the kids in my neighborhood. Weird, big mouth, very non-obedient, curious about everything. I knew that I wanted to somehow speak my voice so loudly, but in Asian culture it was frowned upon to be too loud and too bold. I learned very early that speaking up was dangerous for me.

I don’t know if any of you can resonate with that, but were you different, was there something about you that was different that people didn’t understand or did you feel alone? Maybe you looked like other people around you, but inside you knew something was different about you.

When I think about my why now, I think about what it was before I learned that. Before I learned that I was too loud, too curious, too [insert here], what was my why?

What was yours?

My why was I knew that I had this powerful way of influencing people. I was a natural born marketer and brand builder. It’s what I was meant for. I was meant to be here right now, helping you become a better influencer through your Brand Story.

Because your stories are what makes you persuasive, your stories are what makes you influential.

I know that most of you are creators + makers, and the most frustrating thing is that you’ve created so many amazing things or you have these ideas, but no one knows about them. At the end of the day, your problem is not creating things, your problem is getting people to see, hear, and pay you.

You need a tribe of others like you who “get it.”

If you haven’t joined us yet, come on over to the Paid To Be You Posse. It’s a free Facebook group where we network and stay in action with daily prompts to get your brand outside of you and to the public. I hope you’ll join and share the story behind your why! Use the hashtag #PaidToBeMe so I can easily find your posts. 😉

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