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12 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Periscope (+ my BIG announcement!)

12 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Periscope (+ my BIG announcement!)

I’ve just gotten home from a whirlwind, emotional, roller coaster of a fun slash challenging 10 days…I dropped my oldest off to college (yes I have an 18-year old), did the Disneyland trip with my man and kids (it was HOT), and managed 3 launches on the road.  Juggling all of this is part of my daily way of life and I’m clear when I need to be “off” and when I need to be “on”.  This is the true life of an entrepreneur, and it’s all part of my Brand Story.

I’ve been using Periscope to “document” these milestones and new brand stories I’m creating as I go along in life.

Are you on Periscope?  If not, I’d like you to jump in and come with me.  Stay with me on this, I’ll explain everything in this post.

Periscope has become all the rage…and it’s just getting started.

For those of us in marketing, branding, and the online empire building class of entrepreneurs who are serious about at least one social media platform to dominate, Periscope is the new “it” thing.

Seriously I resisted for about 3 weeks before I even checked out my first “scope” – and with one tap of a heart I was smitten at its capabilities.  A goner.

And what’s cool is, it’s just getting started.  So there’s a lot of us in the marketing game who are like:  where are all the people?  I’m calling it – they’re coming, and I’m excited to be one of the first ones in this game.  I’m having so much fun with it!

Weirdly, just a few weeks prior, I was in the Seth Godin altMBA program predicting that YouTube should implement a livestreaming component into their technology, because budding reality stars and personality brands need what’s next to showcase their wares and services.  I actually received a lot of feedback questioning my prediction that livestreaming would be the next greatest thing.

“Why do you think people would really like that?”

“The technology to do that seems expensive for a company to endeavor in”

Truthfully, people love themselves and/or they love watching people who are bold enough to say, teach and preach what they know.

Am I psychic?  Well if I am, I sure wish it would have come about a year ago when the creators of Periscope thought it up, created the technology and without even releasing it to the public, Twitter snatched up the IP and debuted it to the world.

Dang, I missed out on another multi-million tech deal.  (Mine is coming though.  It’s on the bucket list.)

Now, why should you check out Periscope?  Here are 12 awesome reasons you need it in your life, if you’re building a brand (including a Trip to Hawaii – you read that right, so keep on reading):

  1. Just easy.  You download the app in Google Play or the App Store, create a dope description and start broadcasting.  There are 4 buttons, nothing more.
  2. No extra equipment.  Although if you use microphone earbuds sound quality is better.  A tripod for a few bucks is a worthy investment.
  3. No expensive sets or builds.  Periscope is leading the charge for today’s times – organic, in-the-moment scopes are more popular than those that have a set up.  Go to YouTube for that.
  4. Extroverts shine.  If that’s you, then it should be easy peasy to whip out some killer tips on just about anything, while you’re dancing a sick beat and getting ready for a hot date.
  5. Introverts love.  Not necessarily for the broadcasting of themselves, but for “edutainment” from those crazy, fearless extroverts.  It’s totally ok to be on Periscope for purely learning purposes – in fact, it’s becoming quite the hotbed for free, super valuable content.
  6. Tribe sharing.  With a simple swipe from left to right, you can share other people’s scopes with your tribe, making the goodness multiply.  This right here is one of my favorite features, as it makes it so easy for us to be generous and helpful.
  7. Make new friends.  I’ve never made so many friends so quickly before.  Look, just because I’ve been in this marketing game for 17+ years, I’m not the type to be an “early adopter” as I like to see if things will really “take” before I invest heavy in it.  This platform isn’t going anywhere.  See #1.  It’s because they make it easy.
  8. Shortcut your social media effort.  Because you use your Twitter handle it’s super easy to share on Twitter and have people find you on Periscope that-a-way.
  9. Shortcut your content marketing effort.  If you go into the Settings area in your Periscope, you should swipe right to “Autosave Broadcasts”.  This allows you to keep every dang broadcast in your camera roll.  Brilliant!!  This could be transcribed for your blog (or you could just use the video outright), packaged into a bonus, or even give you inspiration for a paid program.
  10. Plays nice with YouTube.  Already have a YT channel?  Awesome, upload your scopes and double your impact.  Don’t have one?  Now you’ve gotten your start.  YT is awesome for SEO tracking and advertising, and these two platforms can complement each other really well (I’m telling you, it’s what I said in Seth Godin’s course!)
  11. Interview others easily.  Jump on a Skype call with your friend that does that thing that you know your people need and want to hear…and simply hold your phone up to your laptop or tablet and boom – you have a free webinar or expert interview.   
  12. Could win you a trip to Hawaii!  Yup, I didn’t type that wrong.  I love Periscope so much, I’ve made it an intentional part of my own programs and the first one up is The Brand Story Challenge.  Right now you can jump in and sign up to spend 10 days with me and thousands of others to build an epic brand story that will help you get seen, get heard and get PAID.  You like?  All you have to do is go this link.  And one lucky person will win a trip to Hawaii for a VIP Luxe Day.  It’s going to be brand beautiful.

If you’re on Periscope, follow me at @jenniferkemcomm, and if you’re not, c’mon over.  Those 12 reasons haven’t hooked you?  Take it from a skeptic, it’s worth checking out.  The only reason NOT to do it is because you’ll become Peri-addicted like me and never want to do anything but watch your favorite scopes and people.  (actually I think that’s a natural #13, and a whole new industry being created).

Jennifer-Kem-Brand-Design-and-Identity-12 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Periscope.001

Some other really value-based, generous ‘Scopers you want to check out:

  • Hilary Rushford – @HilaryRushford
  • Lisa Fabrega – @LisaFabrega
  • Kimra Luna – @KimraLuna
  • Lisa Nichols – @2Motivate

I’ll share more every week!

I’m just getting started myself, and I’d love for you to join my Peri-Tribe as we grow.  There will be so much free content I’ll be sharing, it’s going to be the go-to place for growing your business…

And, remember, The Brand Story Challenge is open to register for – so go on over and sign up (it’s free!) so you can start building your brand stories.

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  1. Karen Lewis

    I am one of the participants of the Lisa Nichols Profit, Passion & Purpose Week. My business partner would normally tell me to go to these motivational seminars to help accelerate our business to another level. My answer would be the same, “No need for me to go…I don’t need any motivation..I know how to motivate myself.” Wow, was I oh so wrong…But you ladies are my winning ticket and the beauty about the sessions – you all not just motivate, you give some great valuable nuggets worth thousands of dollars, and you all have such a humble and giving spirit..Someone told me about Periscope last year and I ignored it but I am going to follow all the steps that you are sharing..Thank you..

  2. Carmen N

    The big reason I’ve held off from signing up for Periscope is wondering when people actually have time to watch these scopes? I know a few that record so you can watch later, but my understanding is the big benefit is the live interaction. I can’t just pop on to Periscope during the day while I’m at work which is when most people seem to be scoping.