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Start Building Your Unique Brand Language

Start Building Your Unique Brand Language

Master brands, great brands, bulletproof brands use brand stories and language to their advantage.

When you’re on my campus in my tribe, you see this a lot. We call my language and stories “Jen Kem-isms”. If you’ve been inside of the Brand Story Challenge, you know I’ve built a go-to portfolio of stories to serve my tribe.

And let me tell you confidently, with 20 years of brand building experience behind me: The best brand language happens over time, with a little trial and error. But you have to keep showing up.

That’s why it’s time to start thinking about what you bring to the party in your industry.

Right now, whether you’re a coach or consultant or product creator or Etsy seller, you know your stuff.

But you need to be asking yourself: How do you explain what you do in a way that will instantly help them “get it”? How can you use your language and story to change people’s lives?

First, you  need to start by asking yourself: What is your brand essence?

What are the highest values for your brand?

Mine are; autonomy, justice, generosity, love, world class, prosperity and family. These are the values that my brand holds. This is at the essence of what my brand holds. Do you know what your brand holds? Because authentic brands that bridge storytelling with offers that are resonant get seen and get paid so creating more interest and learning more from your prospects is the key here.

Not sure how to get started finding your Brand Values?

Join us in the Paid to Be You Posse and you can see what some of your fellow tribe members are saying! We’ve had a ton of engagement this past week around the 3 things people want their brands to be known for. Join the conversation to get inspiration, and even feedback if you need it.

See you there. 😉


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