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why fear is exciting, especially when it comes to your dreams.

We all have fear.

It’s usually the number one reason that people don’t move forward in the pursuit of their fabu dreams.

I’m no exception.  Fear has held me back on things I really, really wanted, just like the rest of the dreaming world.

I get asked a lot how I deal with it.  How I keep moving forward.

My answer:  treat fear as what it is – an asset.

Fear-as-an-asset say what?

First of all, we have to stop allowing fear to be so damn debilitatingBecause here’s the thing – fear will exist whether you do the thing you’re dreaming of.  Or not.


I live by this mantra:  “fear is excitement, without the action.”  I recently picked up this little ditty at Awesomeness Fest.  (to find out more about it, go to www.awesomenessfest.com – will you come with me next year?)

So if you’re dreaming of starting or growing a business, getting more quality time in your life, travel + more moolah for more dancing shoes, start thinking of fear as something you’re actually EXCITED about.  It helps, trust me on this.

Allow yourself to feel the excitement.  Let it seep deep within your chromosomes.  Don’t let it stay superficially on the outside where it’s easier to “wash off” and say “ehh, didn’t want that anyway”.

If you allow yourself to feel the excitement (a.k.a. the fear), then you’ll be more apt to…ACT.  DO.  MOXIFY the thing you’re in fear of doing.

Your brain has no choice but to say “I really want this”.

Courage starts rising.

Then you realize…

Your fear could end up changing someone’s life.  Cure a pain.  Um…get that big dream of yours.

Fear then turns into…Liberty.  Impact.  Purpose.  Fabu Living.

The complete opposite of Mediocrity.

That’s making fear a little more appealing, doesn’t it?

Now, go get excited.  Fear it.  And change your life.


Q:  How have you used fear as an asset to get something done?  Do tell in the comments below.  We like wisdom here.

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  1. Drew Canole

    Great Post JK!

  2. Jennifer Kem

    Thanks Drew – my juicy mentor! 🙂 Check out Drew @ http://www.fitlife.tv.

  3. Yvette Flores Abreu

    Sweetheart!!!!! You GO wid yo BAD self! (3 snaps) I am so proud of you honey. This is amazing and definitely ‘fabulous’! I embrace and support that positive mindset and can tell you first hand that I’ve had alot of fear on this journey of building my medical physical therapy practice. I can tell you this, we’ve been in our new clinic now for 6.5 months and I finally feel for the first time, that a solid foundation based on love and teamwork is growing solid… and now we are beginning to see the business grow… I love that a dear friend from back in the day (‘way’ back) is doing her piece to impact those around us. Rock on sistah. I’m sending you a ton of love and positive energy from Santa Monica, CA! Love & Blessings, Yvette

  4. Jennifer Kem

    Yve! So happy to hear from your gorgeous self. And, even more happy to hear about your fabu biz taking flight. I know how hard you’ve worked to make your practice the one of choice for your patients. Keep hangin’ with us at The Fabu Life…it’s perfect for professional and modern women just like you.
    xo, Jen

  5. Liz

    Great post Jen! Love your mantra “fear is excitement, without the action” – SO darn true!!

  6. Jennifer Kem

    Hey Liz! Yes, once I started thinking of fear as “excitement without the action” I really started moving forward with a lot of things in my life. It’s amazing because so many people had this perception of me that I WAS moving forward, but it was really The Fabu Life that was sitting inside that wanted to come out, the rest was just Jen being Jen – always moving, but I was missing something that was tugging at both my brain and heart strings. So it’s great to finally bring a business that really encompasses my life and what I’m passionate about – connecting with women like you!…so thank you for commenting and hanging out with us here. xo Jen

  7. Amanda S.

    I often use fear as an asset when I’m at a crossroads. For instance, in business, if I have to determine if I’m going to “go for it and take a risk” or “be safe” – I weigh my options. Then I usually decide that I’m more afraid to live with the regret of “not trying” than to live with failing.

    • Jennifer Kem

      Mandy! This is a PERFECT tip for all the tribesters – thank you. I love that you weigh which one you’re NOT willing to pay a price for. That’s another reason…you rock. Big love to you…Jen

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