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What are Triggers and Why You Need Them

What are Triggers and Why You Need Them

What triggers you?

If you ask around, you may already know that the word trigger has a very negative connotation.

It’s that’s not really the case.

There’s this one book titled The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. If you haven’t read it, it’s about looking at how various phenomena in society creates a viral brand.

And who doesn’t wanna go viral, right?

Heck, I’m pretty sure you want as many people to know about your brand as possible.

In the book, Gladwell points out that utilizing certain types of triggers, whether it’s environmental, societal, personal can help you and your business become viral. If you think about it, that’s how your favorite memes and funny videos came to be.

For example, remember that one video of a man telling his viewers to leave Britney alone? If not you can take a look at it here.

You see, it during this time when Britney Spears famously shaved off her head and everyone knew about it. It was on television, in the newspaper, and all over the Internet.

In spite of her controversial behavior, YouTuber Chris Crocker uses this as a trigger to become one of the most viral videos on YouTube. Even today, he’s still being referenced on popular websites like Buzzfeed.

That is, my friend, the power of using triggers in getting you seen, heard, and paid.

Nowadays, however, we all know that the word trigger doesn’t exactly have a good reputation. Rather,it’s become a derogatory term people would often avoid using.

But that’s not always true – there are positive triggers, too.

What’s so interesting about triggers as well as learning marketing psychology and learning the psychology of your brand is that it always starts with YOU. If you’re not willing to push yourself through the good times as well as the bed, then how will you ever succeed? Even the most viral of memes needed action to get it done.

With this in mind, what I like to do is write about all the triggers that make me happy, one of them being my husband. I’m truly lucky to have a man who asks me every day on how he can help my day even better for me. You see, no one in my life has ever done that for me, and the fact that he does that for me really does make my day 100x better.

Just like listening to sad songs makes you feel sad, these positive triggers changes the way we perceive things.

This is the kind of mindset we should have when dealing with a customer; you want to push certain triggers that will bring them to you.

You need to push their:


And you don’t want to do it like Pepsi did earlier this year. It’s safe to say that’s one mess we want to avoid.

You are a mirror for the clients that you are trying to attract to you, and by noticing the kinds of triggers you have, you’ll have a better understanding of your customers want. For example, are there certain things you wished you learned in a better way? Maybe had made a mistake somewhere and found out there’s a new way to deal with it?

What are Triggers and Why You Need Them.001

In the end, you are a mirror for what you wanna attract to you. So the moment that you just start just being honest about what your triggers are and sharing them, in conjunction with your stories and bridge that to how you help people, people will start to understand why you are their person to help.

So, I challenge you to write down your triggers, positive and negative while asking yourself, “How can I turn this into a story that leads people to understand how I can help them?”

But what if you aren’t really sure what your story is?

The great news is that I’m bringing back a crowd favorite. Called the Brand Story Challenge, starting on the 15th of this month, there will be not only one, but FIVE days of action that will help you:

-Discover your authentic story
-Build up trust with your customers
-Become a superstar leader in your industry of choice

If you’re ready to take the next step, come sign up here: Brand Story Challenge

Will I see you there?

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  1. Shari Hampton

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Exactly since my brand revolves around sober living, and the exact community where the word “trigger” brings about negative thoughts. How awesome it will be to start thinking of triggers as positive things. Thanks for this gem.