Strategy + Implementation Sessions for Serious Entrepreneurs

“Passionate entrepreneurs serious about
changing the world not only want the best,
they hire the best. Build a brand with gravitas.
Make money with meaning.
The world is waiting and we need you.”

– Jennifer Kem

You got into your business because you wanted to be successful

You wanted to make a difference in the world, you want to do something huge.  One of my favorite success quotes is:  “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Nothing in business is static – and having a clear plan of action – a strategy – is a critical step you don’t want to pass over.

That’s why for a select few who are massively committed to make their hustle truly pay off,
I offer limited spots for the VIP Day,
a session completely dedicated to ACCELERATED BUSINESS SUCCESS.

I see this scenario time and time again:  you have a dozen+ million-dollar ideas, you’re working your butt off to implement the ideas, and you are frustrated with the level of effort and the lack of return on your investment (in time and money).

A VIP Day addresses the key ninja moves you must make to start accelerating the best ideas – the ones actually worth implementing – and building a strategic plan to create the lust-worthy brand that brings the people to your business.

And it’s about the money, honey.

How do you actually develop a revenue plan that allows you to create more and invest more in what your clients want? The VIP Day gives you all of this, with a business consultant (me!) that’s worked with Fortune 500 companies and small business for the past 16 years to build strategic plans that work.

These VIP Days are my favorite way to work with clients because seeing the excitement that comes from you when we co-create a strategic plan that is simple, executable and captures the why and what you offer in the world – is why I do what I do.   Having a plan will help you free up the time to become a leader and CEO so that you can direct the people who will support you in implementing the plan.

What to Expect

Expect a lot of colored pens, multi-color post-it notes,
and calendaring galore.

Expect a catered lunch to keep the brain and creative juices flowing throughout the day

Expect brainstorming, analysis, documenting and actually implementing some of your ideas in the session

Expect us to unearth your personal priorities and integrate them into your business plan (as self-care and honoring your personal needs are just as important as creating the tactics in your business)

…And Expect these Valuable Outcomes from Your VIP Day:


on your plan, on your priorities, on your ideal client and what they need, on your next steps


to take risks and speak about your business with swagger


to take your ideas and accentuate them so they are seen and heard by your clients

Cash Plan

to actually make money with a custom sales funnel, monetizable products and a launch plan


to execute your plan with authority and represent your Master Brand
in its full essence

VIP Days are done at my corporate Headquarters, the HerQ, located in the San Francisco Bay Area – a location teeming with interesting things to do.

Here is How Your
VIP Day Will Happen


After your application is received and accepted, you’ll receive an assessment that will help both of us come prepared to the VIP Day. This assessment will help guide and direct the outcomes of the day. It is the foundation of your custom strategic plan.


I highly suggest you come the day before so you can be well-rested
and ready to rock and rule the next day.

We’ll get started around 10:00AM, with a review of the goals of the day and a mapping that I’ve come to the session with so we have a guide to work from (this is derived from the assessment you sent in prior to our session).

I’ll bring a “second chair” team member to your VIP Day whose role is to help document, re-iterate and support anything you need during the session. You’ll receive a recording, documented and customized plan within 48 hours of our session.

After a couple of interactive hours of interactive brainstorming and
capturing our key actions, we’ll break for lunch (catered by me).

We’ll spend the rest of the afternoon shaping the strategic plan and sales funnels we create and finalizing it into a rock solid, actionable plan (including budgets, resources and actual project steps you need).

We’ll wrap around 5:00PM (don’t worry if we need to spend a
little more time, that’s what we’ll do).

Then, I hope you enjoy the amazing sights and amenities available
in gorgeous Walnut Creek.


About 45 days after the VIP Day, we’ll hop on the phone for 45 minutes to adjust or discuss follow-up items so you feel supported in taking the plan into rapid and confident action on your own.

I only offer 2 VIP Day Spots per quarter. And, it’s the only way to work one-on-one with me.

I want to grab one of the VIP Day spots!

What’s next?

A VIP Day isn’t for everyone. You’ve heard “time is money” and I’ve had to
learn to be very clear with my time and also be very clear with who
my ideal client is (so I can serve YOU best). Because we spend an entire day together,
the following is the guideline for VIP applicants:


Have at least 3 years of business experience. (This can be running your own business or from corporate experience. Although I have coached many new business owners, this specific service is not for new business owners.)

vld-budgetHave a budget for ongoing implementation.  A strategic plan is nothing without taking action to implement and iterate after you’ve established it.  A VIP Day is not a “last-ditch” chance to be successful – building a brand and making massive profit doesn’t come from 1 VIP Day.  It comes from ongoing building, testing, adjusting and implementing.  And that takes a budget.  We’ll establish what you need to execute your plan (perhaps even come up with a 90-day plan to create that cash flow); but if you have to stretch to pay for the VIP Day, then you should consider other consulting options.


Have invested in personal development in the past.  Mindset is the key tenant for success, and no strategic plan will without a commitment to focus. You already know this.

What they’re saying

A short application is required for consideration.

It’s also an amazing exercise in learning what you need right now in order to make your vision real. I encourage you to fill it out (you’ll receive the output of your answers when you complete it), review and keep it on file even if we don’t work together.

Once approved, you can pay in full or a payment plan can absolutely be worked out. All payments must be made in advance of our VIP Day.

Your total investment for the VIP Day is $25,000.

 You are responsible for your travel expenses.

And if you’re serious about whether or not a VIP Day is right for you? Submit a deposit to schedule a call with a member of my team.

I realize this opportunity isn’t for everyone.

But if you are serious about multiplying your revenue (think doubling or tripling your income) and creating a plan that feels good to implement this is for you. I will teach you what you need to create these results. In fact, I can guarantee if you actually implement only a few of the custom tactics I help you with, you will make more money. You will create better systems that serve you in your life and business. You will feel certain you’re on the right path.

I am thrilled to be considered to co-create it as your business consultant and guide. And to treat you as the CEO and leader that you are.

If you’re ready to take your take your lifestyle and income to the next level

Apply for VIP Day ►