Social Media Specialist
At Master Brand Institute

Let Us Introduce Ourselves:

Master Brand Institute (MBI), founded by Brand Strategist and Business Futurist Jennifer Kem, is the world’s leading educational authority for entrepreneurs, founders, business owners and corporate teams. We help both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs get seen, heard and paid more in their businesses.

We teach a thorough, best-in-class framework for entrepreneurial education based on the proprietary Master Brand Method, which is the foundation of our curriculum. Our unique Momentum Pro framework is a business accelerator that is exclusively offered to MBI students, which takes the curriculum and turns it into potent and profitable mechanisms to exponentially grow their business in real-time.

Our campus is the only on-demand curriculum and coaching of its kind online and offline. We deliver our courses and services via digital fulfillment and live workshops and seminars. Our faculty and coaching staff are specifically trained in MBI’s methodologies.

We are diverse in culture as well as industry, and provide a whole curriculum that supports our students’ massive success, including performance and courage mindset, values-driven living, sales and marketing, operations and finance, wealth building and customer service as part of our campus core.

Position: Social Media Specialist

Department: Marketing
Reports to: Marketing Director

The Role:

The Social Media Specialist develops online communications, foster relationships, provides connection and gives insight on advertising in social media.

You Know This Job Is For You If:

  • There’s no greater feeling of accomplishment for you than knowing a post or email your wrote made people FEEL something
  • You cringe when you see someone hasn’t posted or emailed in weeks, let alone months…as you value staying connected
  • You’re constantly on social media for fun, and can’t believe you get paid to play
  • Having content planned for an entire month in advance makes you giddy on the inside!

Outcomes Of An Effective Social Media Specialist:

  • Master Brand Institute is omnipresent online
  • Master Brand Institute’s community feels like a place of belonging and support
  • The depth of Master Brand Institute’s business acumen is showcased in an approachable way
  • The social media calendar is planned in advance with plotting anchors, calls to action and narration that support all launch and brand awareness efforts


  • Work with our copywriting team, graphic design team, and social engagement team to create, edit and manage the production of digital and print content that is consistent with our brand, style and tone.
  • Develop Social Media/Blog Promo Calendar which includes strategic marketing launches and brand awareness narratives
  • Manage all brand social platforms – including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and creating a plan and identifying resources to dominate in each category
  • Help to build community with our online following, with a “no comment left behind” policy
  • Be a Brand Ambassador and engage with our clients and audience in a way that represents and reflects our values
  • Identify trends and patterns of what people are asking in order to improve communications with our following on social media
  • Research trends & what’s happening in social media and pop culture and make recommendations based on research


  • Good working knowledge of Google Suite, Microsoft Office suite and exceptional typing skills. We use Google Drive to keep most documents, in addition to Dropbox.
  • Savvy with social media outlets – both organic and paid
  • Exceptional communication skills; the ability to proactively and professionally speak what’s needed to accomplish goals
  • Customer Service: Communicates directly on the behalf of the brand to clients and followers, as well as team members for a wide variety of situations
  • Good problem solver and the ability to provide solutions to correct issues
  • Highly collaborative team player
  • Go getter who can look around multiple corners and solve problems in advance
  • Experience working in entrepreneurial, fast-paced environments
  • Ability to travel for the company at our own live events and others where assigned
  • Ability to manage multiple projects, effectively, accurately and proactively
  • Operate in a fast moving environment and adhering to deadlines while producing high quality work each and every time
  • Self motivated and able to work well independently while staying focused on the job at hand.
  • Ability to handle, direct and provide straightforward feedback.
  • Technology savvy with the ability to jump into any software system and figure it out.
  • Be a problem solver and think ahead to ensure any challenges don’t greatly impact campaign progress or outcomes.
  • You’re obsessive about being the best at what you do
  • Experience with the following software a plus: • Ontraport • Acuity • CalendarX • Canva • PayPal • Stripe • Amazon S3 • Google Apps (Drive, Gmail, Calendar etc) • Dropbox • Vimeo • Asana • Slack • WordPress


  • This is a part time position with ability to grow into a full time position with a competitive compensation package
  • This role is eligible to receive revenue share bonuses, including meeting our quarterly online goals
  • Health benefits not included (but may be eligible after 6 months of full time employment)
  • Although this is a location independent role, preference will be made for local applicants

How To Apply:

Master Brand Institute’s Brand Values:


Autonomy, the courage and discernment to create our own freedom and prosperity

Sentinels for Justice, creating the world we want to live in

Delivering radical Generosity, a society of givers and receivers who transform lives

Aligning with our Legacy, leaving every place better than when we first came

Leadership of self and others, serving through World Class Excellence

To support these Brand Values, everyone in our company believes:

Our Students Are Our Pulse

We know our students trust us to provide a world-class educational experience. We love our students and pride ourselves on delivering top notch customer service and exceptional education on-demand. We continually ask ourselves how we can improve each aspect of our business to create a valuable and enriching experience for our students.

Innovation is our advantage.

We spend time each week, alone and together, coming up with new, outside-the-box ideas that will blow our students away and make us the leader in our industry, and we test and implement those ideas fast. We value and nurture creativity in our team and reward failing fast over moving slow. Our ideas are on-demand and relevant – we bring the most in-the-know education and technology for our students.

We figure things out.

We’re a team of thoughtful doers, and when we come up against challenges or roadblocks we adapt quickly to find and decide on a solution and pivot to perform. We have a What’s Now, What’s Next (WN-WN) strategy to get things done.

We produce quality.

While we create and produce numerous high-impact projects each calendar year, we never compromise the quality of our work. Attention to detail is crucial in every task to ensure we are always creating the best we can. We don’t just hand off half-done or half-checked work to our fellow team members, we take the time to check our own work to assure we’re creating the most quality output possible, and communicate and update better processes as we build. We love efficient and optimal work product.

I-Give-A-Care Attitude.

Because of the various projects and size of the core team, there are times when it’s all hands on deck to get work done. You’ll never hear anyone say “That’s not my job.” Each of us shares a can-do, everything-has-a-solution attitude about the work. We communicate when we need support in this area so that we hit our goals and milestones. We’re also very proud of the diversity of our community – in both culture and industry – and protect and support that as part of our daily work.

Personal and Professional Growth.

Every person on our team is committed to ongoing education and personal and professional growth. You’ll have access to the online training, books and workshops you need to ensure you have the resources to assist you in getting the job done. And, you’ll invest in yourself when you feel you need help in any specific area that will support your goals.

Why you’ll love working with us:

Make An Impact

Everyday you’ll have the opportunity to work on and manage projects that are directly impacting the lives of our students goals and dreams in their life and business. What we do is life-changing, and you will be part of the ripple effect experienced as being part of this company. Our company also sets aside 10% of our revenue to support our local communities and to fund aspiring entrepreneurs (and you’ll have a say in where we donate that money too).

Get Paid To Be You, Professionally.

Every day you’ll be doing things you’re excellent at and being the genius that you are — managing exciting and fast moving projects and our people. You’ll be making more impact and income because you’re part of a greater whole. You’ll also get paid to learn, be given the resources and be mentored by the best while you grow in your professional and personal life. We are a team that doesn’t sacrifice our personal lives yet works professionally and ethically.

Have More Fun Together

Dance parties, karaoke-on-calls and enjoying yourself while working is important. We don’t do cubicles and this is not a 9-5 gig. We’re fluid and flexible, we give you the independence to run with your own projects, and we laugh a lot along the way. There will be times when you have a deadline and you’ll need to work very hard and other times we’ll take the afternoon off to enjoy the outside sun. We’re ohana (“family” in Hawaiian), and we don’t leave anyone behind. Being yourself is celebrated here.

Also, You’ll Want to Know This. This Role Is Not Right For You If You…

  • Want a 9-5, Monday to Friday job. This is not for someone who lives for the weekends and dreads Monday morning going back to “work.” We’re a values-driven company who, at the core, are about changing the lives and businesses of everyone who comes into contact with our company. Sometimes you might have to work a longer day, sometimes you may have to work a Saturday, sometimes you’ll get the afternoon off. If we have a project and work needs to get done, then we’re all hands on deck. No one is immune from this, not even the CEO, so you won’t be alone.
  • Haven’t read a business or marketing book or listened to a podcast or webinar in the last month. A passion for business and personal growth is essential. Emotional intelligence is of high worth here.
  • Won’t sign a nondisclosure and noncompete agreement.